My Darling Theo earned just under $1,000.00 in 2014 - $863.00 in monetary donations.  We are disappointed but not discouraged. Our founder was met with challenges she surpassed and Theo was relocated to Studio City, CA where our organization has found a permanent home. Thank you to all of our donors in the SF Bay Area who supported our cause with time energy and money since our founding in 2010 we will miss you and hope you continue to support our work now that we have relocated to SoCAL:).  In 2014 we spread our message via social networking earning over 1000 likes on Facebook for My Darling Theo, Pet Foster Support Network and My Best Friend pages - thank you.

Special Thank You to volunteer Brenda Carreras for her hard work helping us to spread the word and invite members to Pet Foster Support Network, we were lucky to have Brenda she is a spirited, dedicated dynamo a blessing for  us  to have had her assistance!

What's up next? My Darling Theo needs YOUR help to spread the word about the Dog Park Fund - this unique program will offer grants to non profit community run dog parks throughout America won't you help us  by becoming a monthly guardian, corporate sponsor and or ambassador? Did You know, Pet Foster Saves lives, Aids Law Enforcement Helps to keep families together and helps to reduce neighborhood blight, deprivation and home and property values from plummeting.  YES, all by good people who volunteer to foster a homeless animal - won't you join our mission to support the people and organizations dedicated to pet foster  by becoming a member of our support network? Animal Imagery Magazine will continue only with your support. We paused circulation of our unique publication in 2014 to reassess the market and the impact such a publication will have on our mission.

Communication, transparency, commitment, consistency and tenacity are perhaps  the  five main components of  our continued growth development and success as  we look forward to working with individuals, organizations and  the business community in 2015 to ensure animal welfare and animal rights are equally valued in our policy, legal and ethical conversations - join us, donate today and let us know how we are doing -we look forward to meeting you! Thank you for supporting My Darling Theo.