During 2016, We Saw Our Place In The World From Two Perspectives



We realized early in 2016 our country could take a political unique turn - which came to fruition and could severely impact animal rights, affect environmental land use issues and muddy the waters which surround child welfare, we laid a plan to affect behavioral change with our message, and support of other like minded individuals and organizations. How is our message heard from the view point of the donor and our in our community? We audit our content, took a hard look at our deliverables and made tough sound choices. We analyzed the meta data and took a non partisan look at what we had to offer, how we work and what our long term impact could be with support of our charity. Our increase in meaningful numbers demonstrate we are on a positive trajectory - thank you for supporting us.

By continuing our mission we accomplished a 12 % increase in donor support  by raising awareness of the threats to nature the environment and children's programs in the US. By researching and developing partner programs for example Theo's Kids / PetHoods we increased our network by 18% extending our influence and generating buzz and creating stronger support of our unique programs. With the use of smart technologies and the support of tech savvy creative we have been able to amplify our audience.

So What? Who Cares?

Because increased attention for a balanced partnership with the earth is driving and establishing new economies and fostering a greater push toward New Media Literacy - a market influence on how we obtain, share and use information, our programs address the What: Issues Why: Because we all have a right to the future. Who: Without a balanced partnership with the animals and marine life which share out planet we can not thrive. Our support of local and national non profit and corporate social responsibility programs increased our  financial and in kind donations to  just over over $13,000 at 160% increase!. We feel it is 1. our attention to the issues and not a broad swipe of the problems that led to our increased support. 2. Secondly Our commitment to remain transparent, retain our standard of governance and the dedication of our Board of Directors drove our success in 2016. Thank you for caring about our survival among traditional organizations which  continue to grow at the same rate as the problems they purport to address.

In Action

The perimeter of the earth remains the same yet some individuals and organizations behave / proselytize / name call and fund lobbying efforts to mull the truth -  that climate change is a hoax for example. The problems / issues well heeled organizations continue to escalate ( Dog Fighting and Puppy Mills for example grow at the same rate they do yet no one has asked: Why?  We are asking! Our charity is committed to using the resources we have to bring stabilization, education and information to communities which are in danger of a increased disconnect with nature. The fact is we need the other non human inhabitants of earth to thrive in order to secure our future a laugh at that is a denial no one can afford. Despite our 2016 fundraising effort, our mission remains to work with the animal welfare, development, tech, legal, land use and entertainment communities to creatively and effectively plan our collective future.

What is the payoff?

Our program impacts are qualitative. We don't have the numbers (  or as yet the resources ) to  quantifyably demonstrate our impact however our measure of success in 2016 was by hoe man shares likes requests via our 22% increase in email subscriptions show our message is moving to change their attitudes about  nature and their aspirations for our planet and how they will participate in our collective health and welfare and a increased awareness of the value of maintaining and finding equitable , sustaining, standards for environmental quality. The pay off to you, for supporting My Darling Theo is a balanced, continued education to help raise children who will be complete adults who recognize and appreciate the beauty and value of a balanced partnership with nature.

Thank you for believing in our mission. When resources become available we will continue our publication of our humane education tools, informational gatherings and community events. On to a insightful, and positively impact filled 2017!