Passover History & Chocolate Chip Cookie, "Bien Cuit"

Holiday gatherings are the perfect opportunity to discuss the origin of food. Some of the food we share during religious holidays - have to do with feast or famine and how our lives intertwine with animals and the animal by products people consume. The egg for example symbolize birth during Passover. The Good Food podcast offers a plethora of information with a sense of humor to educate and inform the palate. Evan Kleiman, the host, shared little known secrets about passover eggs, Kosher wine and horseradish among others from Joan Nathan's cookbook: King Solomon's Table.

And follow along with a life long self professed hippie who traverses LA in search of the best bien cuit ( well done ) chocolate chip cookie this segment toward the end of the episode will have "The Big Lebowski" - lovers in stitches. If you are neither observant or Jewish,  and If you're a foodie you'll appreciate the show. Listen to the ( free ) episode on the Good Food Podcast, via iTunes.