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Parker and Fricke turned me on to "Wait, Wait - Don't Tell me!" the fantastic PBS News Quiz this week featuring "Products for Your Pets" See if You Can Figure Out What is Fact or Fiction:).

"Mummy, the cat is eating my food" Pet Food is a terminology brought about the the pet food industry - mostly consisting of the debris from Slaughterhouse kill. What we think of as: "Human food" can easily translate into visible health benefits for your cat and dog and less expenditure and stress for you - more from

Looking for a history exhibit the whole family can enjoy try "Noah's Ark at the Skirball Center, Los Angeles, CA. This masterfully detailed historically based exhibit for the whole family will delight even the most aged playmate:) This exhibit is ongoing weekends are crowded but promise the most fun:).

"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals, separatd from law and justice he is the worst" - Aristotle

I crossed the Border and I did noT think I was going to live: Miracle Dog

 A Little Love Is What I'm Asking For

"Look at Lizzy now! 
Hard to believe that this is the same emaciated dog with the shattered jaw from Mexico. She has blossomed into a magnificent dog who loves life! We are looking to adopt her with her boyfriend, Parker. Please contact for more info about them."  -