A Few Signs, You've Been Vegan Inspired for 2014

Do you know some one who has been been eating less meat ( in public ) or toying with becoming a vegetarian by purchasing less leather ( in public ) or someone who orders a cheese pizza where before they ordered a meat combo pizza ( with wings on the side )?  Some signs your friend ( or you )  have been "vegan inspired".

You look at the leather furniture in your house and realize that having it is not "a status symbol."

You see a woman wearing a fur coat and ( despite her best efforts ) you don't think she is  "trending fashion forward".
Your wife / best friend / colleague  inherited her granny's old mink coat from the 1950's and  your wife / best friend / colleague thinks she "looks rich" ( but you think she looks like she is wearing her granny's old mink coat from the 1950's:).

Your father in law ( strongly ) believes he is "treating you to a great meal" by offering to take you to his favorite steak house and " you order what I always get the biggest steak money can buy", you try telling him ( naw, that's OK ) because your inner little man or woman does not want steak tonight for some reason) and - you know ( for certain - because you have seen the restaurant staff on line ) the $30.00 steak your father in law cant wait to wrap his lips around, is actually an $6.00 piece of cow muscle from Costco.

You look at the "triple decker, four cheese, jalapeño, whiskey, betcha wanta eat this burger" on TV, look down at your meaty waist line and your tired wrinkled face reflected back at you from the television screen and Scream! Aaaaaahhhh! ( because you no longer recognize yourself:) 

Your neighbor  ( a "Mrs. Kravitz" fan ) rings your door bell one time too many bringing with her pieces of her left over roast, home made snauages and dried old tongue she had in the fridge ( because she and her ( tired ) hubby "Abner" are going on vacation ) and you smile, take the package close the door and toss the whole thing in the trash ( after you have decided not to give it to the dog ) because you did not want to make him sick either:)

If you have experienced any of the above you are on the road to becoming a vegetarian - Power to the V:)The four legged and winged creatures you happen upon, on your long hikes into the wilderness will thank you - and maybe won't  eat you when you find yourself stranded in their neck of the woods:)