Spending weekends at the movies with  the dogs are  a blast. Now that cooler weather is coming, it is a great way to educate and entertain your canine companions:)  Although getting them to sit still in the seats made for humans, asking them to keep the barking down, saying now to too much junk food and finding a place for them to potty  can be a bit of a challenge we none the less enjoy our selves, eat pop corn and share a large sweet beverage. This weekend we reviewed three films, which were about unique relationships with pets. Popular, and readily available to anyone with a smart phone, computer or theatre, these films feature animals  characters and  are a visual reminder about  the current state of our relationship with beings with whom we have built a life, but are still unsure of the role pets play in our happiness and well being.  Won't you join  Fricke, Mrs. Parker and I  as we share our thoughts about these interesting pictures?


THE CAT CAME BACK  by Richard Condie

The Canadian award winner and popular Animated Film Short tells the story of an older man who finds a cat on his door step, makes the cat comfortable inside his simple home and realizes the cat has no regard for being sheltered by this man who would care for him. Funny as the film may be  this picture visualizes all of the characteristics which plague cat adoptions and keep many cats from finding their forever homes. The Cat Came Back is entertaining and sure to make you smile but keep in mind the underlying message - once you adopt a cat you can't get rid of him ( which is the wrong message to send:) Although animated this film is not appropriate for small children.

FRICKE: "I thought it was a good film especially when the cat came back ahahahaah"

MRS. PARKER: "I love animated features the  kitty was cute for a cat ahahhaa."


maxresdefault (1).jpg


STAY by David Lynch


The short tear jerker is a reminder of how  dependent on human affection and compassion dogs are. Watch as this smart, beautiful canine searches for food and water, watches time pass and looks to his owner and tries to understand - why. If you know of someone who is lonely, heart broken, injured or ill and they have pets, please keep in touch with them their animals may not  fully understand what has changed and how ( drastically ) it may affect them:) This film is appropriate for children ( and small adults :)

FRICKE: "I cried,  just cried and I never cry at the movies this is not being recorded is it?"

MRS. PARKER: "Well the doggie was cute but I wondered where the food was, I was getting hungry just watching him look for a meal a real tear jerker, really."


FLAT WORLD by Daniel Greaves

Enjoy a chase scene" Into Sci-Fi? your gonna love this. An fast paced action packed drama about a man who gets caught up in a situation in which he finds his cat involved and the consequences for not believing his feline friend. Will the fish keep them apart? Will the villain put an end to the cat after all? Is it too late for this human who realizes the love he has for his kitty? A unique animated short Daniel Greaves  uses mixed media, main stream stereo types about pet fish and their captive companions, cats to show true love between feline and his human friend kids above the age of 12 will enjoy this film. We can learn a lot about ourselves from cats - particularly patience after the film I walked with Fricke and Mrs. Parker and  I asked them to share their thoughts about this film which I thoroughly enjoyed.

FRICKE: " I loved the scenes where the fish got the cat in trouble a blast"

ALYSSIA: "Fricke, what else did you like about the movie?"

FRICKE: Umm, I liked the end but I can't say I could not wait to see the cats when I got home."

MRS. PARKER: I thought about the cats and then I wanted to eat the fish. well because he was mean but then I tried to look at the situation from the fishes perspective, I sided with the cat, when are we going to eat I am hungry?"

See you next time for Weekend At the Movies:)