THE GLASS WINDOW: Google's New Gadget - More Than Tech for Your Pets - OK, So What?

I love technology and I am  among the first to see the glass as half full - touting the positive ways new tech, especially tech for your pets can make life easier and more satisfying - not to mention better for, the canines and felines in my life. This past Tuesday ( to coincide with income tax day? ) Google made available Google Glass to anyone who would like to purchase this new computer wearable ( think of it as a smart phone for your head ) for $1,500.00 USD.

There are questions I have about this new device, I wonder?

Will this technology allow us to be more kind and caring to each other? Studies show  the New Tech is making personal approaches to communication more scarce ( i.e. we write less in our own hand and we talk less because we text more ).

Will Glass really make our experiences with friends family pets and our neighbors pets more interesting?

Is living life behind a view finder ( really "living?"

Will "Glass" aid or hinder the work of animal welfare groups - hands free is great but how intrusive will this device be especially for Pet Foster Groups who work with Victims?

Animal Welfare Organizations such as My Darling Theo are acutely aware of the need for technology which makes our job easier to  do in order that we do more - how might "Glass" help recognized Non Profits.

Google's reach is ten times bigger than AT&T's reach before the Government stepped in and put a halt to that monopoly with "Glass" is Google following in AT&T's foot steps to want to reach out and touch everyone?

Several people ( "explorers" ) were asked to test Glass before the general public was let in on the fun how many of those beta testers were charities? Animal Welfare Groups?

As many of you know, the birth of  ( accessible - consumer ) technologies following the birth of the internet have benefitted organizations who support animal welfare and animal rights. The down side is that tech has also aided the bad guys with their mission too - can/will "Glass" help the good guys stop the bad guys from being so successful or are we who try so hard to impact the lives of animals ( domestic farm and wild ) taking a leap of faith that will only get more cloudy as wearables become our ( collective ) future?

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