The Big Brown Cow: The Pig, PAY BACK!

how now brown cow jpeg.jpg

"Lady Brown Cow what time is it" 

"Oh around noon I suspect my eyes are not what they used to be" 

"Lady Brown Cow thank you for looking after my piglets I am tired and sickly as you know and I do appreciate your taking my babies under your haunches" ( the two farm animals laughed )

"No worries Mrs. Pig, I love your piglets as my own - I would let nothing harm them I am old and I have lived many lives and I want to see this generation of farm animals thrive."

"Many blessings to you Lady Brown Cow  ( said the tired and beaten five times over  -Mother Pig ) - I must go lay down now, my legs are trembling and my wounds have not healed from the last "Friday Night Stomp" - I know this is too much to ask and I don't mean to intrude in any way but PLEASE look after my three piglets I don't want them to know the pain of the "Stomp" as I knave known it, I am weary and been made old, my days are numbered" ( and Mrs. Pig fell into a sleep filled stupor where she stood ).

"Don't you worry Mrs. Pig ( Lady Cow uttered, in a tiny whisper only Mrs. Pig could hear ) I will take good care of your piglets" ( and the cow walked away covering Mrs. Pig in a hay blanket  where only she could find her, in the back of the barn. 


-------- The Auctioneer / Barn Square Dance Master Sang:

OK, Ok, ok --- how now--- OK- OK- how now ------bring your partner closer

How now

Bring your partner closer

How now

Bring your partner closer

Now now,

Oh what? "how now" said the long fed cow--------

  ( Applause )

Jeremy and R.T. were local boys who after just two beers and two shots of "JD" needed RRFCT ( Rest and Relaxation from Cow Tipping ) every other Friday night when their boredom was at its peak. Pigs, Cows, Chickens and their off spring dreaded this night ( the ones who survived this vicious attack  which lasted all of 30 - 45 minutes or until the "boys" got "wore out" from "stompin" and "flaming" the "moving things" in  the coop and the barn". 

"Don't you do it, thats my Mommas flowers she planted them for the Veterans Day Parade" 

 "Shut up R.T. I just had to whiz before I let it off at the Farm this here is "Stomping Night" and i want to get it off the steam before I fall on my face - this beer and JD takes it from me ya know?" Jeremy said with a snigger as he put his ( very ) late model Ford pickup in  park and exited the vehicle pulling his pants up  ( before they fell again ) as his flashlight shown on the back door of the main Penbrook ( the main barn where the fowl and the pigs and the baby calfs laid wait until their slaughter the next day ).

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen"

"Wake up you Beetches"

It's "Stompin Time" 

Jeremy and R.T. preceded to pull the Chicks and the Chickens, Pigs and Piglets, Calfs and the Cows from their pens and stomp beat and throw them against walls, pen doors , cage walls and  live electrical fixtures at will.

"Take that you too you lonesome F&cks"

"Where do you - whoo you ( he slugged down the remainder of his beer before flinging his beer bottle at a battle of chicks ) flee bitten doves think your join" ( the chickens went flying against their cages ) 

"Now! down off of my boots! you lonesome heel riders" ( the pigs were left on the heel of the boots after they were stomped and he tore the dead ones off with a tire iron ) 

Lady Brown Cow was in the field when she heard the report from frightened survivors. 

Hoofs planted deep in the soil and her muzzle held high she charged the barn and lifted the "boys":high above her head. One flew high above her while the other landed back first against the old iron pump. 

 "Why you old prick of a cow Fu^ck You Bitch ( and Jeremy went after her )

Lady Brown Cow and Black Horse Raider charged the two downed men

 "You old Fu&*^$ Old Sow, I'm gonna make cow paddy's out of you, you Fu*&*&ng old heifer ( R.T. wiped off the collected barn shit off his face and upper chest before charging the Old Great Cow )

 "Whoo hoo, come  on now  little Piglets come to daddy you little F%ckers come to daddy" Jeremy bellowed, stumbling into the Pig pen chasing after the scared Pig and the Piglets.  

Lady Brown Cow ducked and  R.T. fell into the "cruncher" the large, iron tumbler where live cows war turned and slit until all the blood was drained from their bodies ( rolled tossed and twisted), Barns Hands found him whiter than white and shriveled still with his eyes wide open in the morning mangled in the old "Religious defined" machine.

Jeremy tumbled out of the chicken coup where he had thrown and tossed chicks and hens around like they were fodder for  batting day and he was tired and stumbled onto the pig pen. Lady Brown Cow summoned the Sheep and they surveyed the damage. Broken bones blood and wings torn asunder, Lady Brown cow  turned and heaped fast through the grass after Jeremy looking forward to what lay ahead for him. The sun rise found Jeremy lain spread eagle ( what was left ) in the flogging shaft under a pile of dead chickens - he was naked and sans "pecker"


Lady brown cow and Black Horse buried Mrs, Pig in the filed above the Great Barn where the wild flowers and the Fennel grow. 

The ceremony was small but significant, Representatives from neighboring farms were in attendance  and vowed that the abuse of farm animals in their jurisdiction would  stop and be avenged when allowed to  go on by humans. Animal abuse in the county was decreased by 75% following the deaths of Jeremy and R.T. Lady Brown Cow and Black Horse were never seen again. 



This Halloween story is fictional but remember: Farm Animals get abused DAILY by Billy Bobs and their brethren. YOU can help prevent this become a vegetarian tell farmers who farm animals for their meat that this business model  ( for the sake of our future ) should be  thing of the past. Have a safe and happy Halloween and Day of the Dead - Alyssia for My Darling Theo





I Wish I Was: The Good Life, With The "Urban Blues"


Jane  had always wanted a dog but her frenetic  personal life and her hectic professional life always got in the way of her decision to adopt  a canine.

"Why do you want a dog remember, when he "has to go out" you have to go out too" - her mother said. 

"Forget about it - get a cat, their easier and besides they are independent a dog is like a man who follows you around just to get affection" Sarah her best friend, chimed wheneverJane mentioned adopting. 

"Look Sweetie, right now is not the time - between my work schedule and my son I don't get to spend as much time with you as I would like - Molly has Jr. during the week and the only time I get to see him is on the weekends - when you are free - I'm still getting used to being divorced maybe soon it will be time for you to consider adopting a dog - right now you need to concentrate on our relationship" her new boy friend ( and recent divorcee ) Hamilton wined when Jane  cried during the  late night  television, heart wrenching ASPCA pleas. 

Jane walked a while in the park near her apartment after an unusually dull Friday at work. She thought she sensed someone following her but when she looked around no one was there. Just before dusk she made her way home and smiled at all of the dogs who were playing with each other and happily walking with their owners during hours of the Twilight Bark - Jane  came to a conclusion - I'll make room in my life and find a place in my heart for a dog who needs me - I am going to the shelter tomorrow  and adopt a dog!

Excited and without the trepidation she thought she would feel making such a big decision without the help of her mother. her best friend or her new lover Jane drove the twenty minutes to the City Animal Shelter which was located in a neighborhood she was unfamiliar with and did not feel particularly safe in. 

"Good Morning, what can I do for you?" said the animal control officer. 

"Well, I've thought about it a lot and I want to see about adopting a dog!" Jane replied enthusiastically. 

"Sounds good - do you know what type of Dog? Age? Gender? Small or Large? We have them all" -the Officer said with a smile. 

"Not really but I know what I do want, a dog who is looking for a forever home with me - I am quiet and retiring but I have  own a large duplex apartment with an outdoor space, I'll know when I have found the right one, can I see the dogs which are available for adoption?"  Jane was uncharacteristically sure of herself and the Officer matched her with a "Dog Mentor Volunteer" who  gave her a map of the shelter and told her  she would be available if Jane had any questions.

Although Saturday's were usually crowded, the large shelter only had a few visitors and Jane wandered around  looking at and talking with several dogs ( and cats ). After using the restroom wandered through part of the shelter where she  thought she was the only human within eye sight. Jane had a funny feeling she was being followed the same feeling she had in the park yesterday evening. When she looked around she saw  a few couples, a mother and young daughter and a couple of unaccompanied  men and women looking at and playing with the animals. Jane turned down one corridor and looked in several of the dog cages.

Some of the dogs were attentive to her and for a moment she imagined adopting more than one, but one black and tan dog of medium to large build stood out. "Remember to lock Blue's cage when you are finished - he's harmless but it is policy that all cages be locked during visiting hours" a Dog Mentor instructed a new ( absent minded ) but dedicated volunteer who was cleaning out Blue's cage.

Jane read the card which was attached to Cage AC18AC7J - "Blue" a male German Shepherd  mix is about four years old and had been locked in a garage for most of his life. When shelter officials found Blue, he was twenty pounds under weight, his legs were rubbery from not being able to move freely and he had lost some of his visual acuity from living most of his life in darkness. After eights weeks of medical care /  behavioral and physical therapy, loving human contact from his foster parents / exercise and nutritional supplements Blue is ready for adoption - are you "the one"?"

Jane let go of the card which was attached to the cage and stared down at Blue who was crawling toward her from the back of his cage wagging his tale. Jane stared into his golden eyes and knew she had found her canine friend. Suddenly Blue began barking savagely and Jane stumbled backward but was not frightened. An man whose aura was not friendly  ( whom Jane did not know or encourage to join her at Blue's cage )  was too close for comfort - went to put his hand on Jane's shoulder and tried to push her down an empty corridor. Blue barked and growled and gritted his teeth and charged the cage door. Hearing the commotion Animal Control Officers and Volunteers came running. The man had cornered Jane terrified   heard what sounded like metal on metal and watch Blue leap in the air and push the man down on the ground standing on his chest tearing at his clothes. Shelter officials collared Blue and took the man into custody.

Blue broke free of his leash and barked a friendly bark toward Jane who was leaving the shelter. Just as Jane went to push the exit door she stopped, turned around and blue came running toward her. She knelt on the ground and hugged the bear of a dog he was barking and licking her face ( letting her know he was the canine for her). Because of the events that day Blue was held for observation for one week before being allowed to be adopted by Jane.The man who tried to attack Jane had been stalking women in that neighborhood and followed Jane into the shelter. To this day Jane credits Blue a shelter dog, for saving her life. Since adopting Blue Jane broke off her relationship with her newly divorced ( and conflicted ) boyfriend and found someone who has time for, respects her, and who loves dogs too. Jane's mother fell in love with Blue and bakes him dog treats. Jane's best friend Sarah has adopted a small dog she calls "Miss Red" who has play dates with Blue.  


I wish I was able to inspire everyone who was thinking about experiencing life with a dog ( and cat ) to visit shelters and rescues first and to consider the impact this decision would have on:

The Homeless Animal Population

Municipal Resources

Puppy Mills

Breeding as a Business Model

The "Pet Shop" 

Shelters and Rescues play a vital role in helping to reduce the homeless animal population in communities across the globe.  "Jane" and "Blue" are fictional characters but I am certain when someone who is serious about adopting a dog or cat visits a shelter or rescue the magic happens -  someone special is waiting - you will know which dog and or cat is right for you:) 










"I feel your pain" ( Then love me, don't eat me :)!

If people could taste pain - the pain, fear, cruelty and confusion which animals go through as our food sources, would meat continue to be the number one food choice world wide?


I am a vegetarian and have been  a "veggie" for over a decade. I am healthy, energetic and rarely get sick ( my doctor commented, "Alyssia you might be part starfish because you have an uncanny ability to heal rapidly and leave almost no scar tissue" ). I am lucky  have "good genes" and I watch  the proportion of food  that I ingest at one sitting.  I do not as some people do - "graze":)  I have not faltered on my promise not to eat  what Russell Simmons said: "anything that can run away, fly away or swim away from me".  I am not a  "flexitarian" my word for people who for example live in California and are ( known ) vegetarians until the Holiday Season when they "go back east" and eat turkey for Thanksgiving "just to please mom". I have often wondered if people really understand what an animal endures, to become a "burger". or  a "fried chicken" sandwich or a "pulled pork" papusa.

is there a correlation between Our Favorite ( meat ) Sandwiches By State and:


The amount of animal abuse per capita by state? 

The belief that animals are disposable per capita by state?

The suggestion that it is our " right to eat animals ( or anything else that lives )? 

Do you care and or fully understand the correlation between  factory farmed meat sources, the rise in cheap  meat  and the pervasive  influx of  new eating establishments where meat is the menu and vegetables are treated as  common  condiments?


just a few days ago it was revealed that Chicken McNuggets contained  the "meat" of practically the entire chicken. Some would argue it is the best way to consume an animal - "to eat it all"  My canine companions Fricke and Mrs. Parker carefully inspect and sniff any food item put before them. Fricke would happily live on a vegetarian goat cheese infused diet and give up meat altogether - Mrs. P - echoes  

Clara Peller

 in her demand of " Wheres the beef?" I'v e wondered if people who eat meat are as careful about what they eat as my dogs - who do not care for ( meat infused ) dog food at all!  If you eat meat do you, look before you bite? Do you believe it is better to eat the entire animal than to just eat the "white meat"? Do you care that when you munch on nuggets "during the game" you  may be eating chicken entrails / bones / nerves / eyes?

Why go through all the fuss what is the big deal about eating animals?

I  have mad the voluntary choice not eat animals, animal by products, fish nor fish by products for ethical and health reasons. I've wondered - if people could taste the horrible way animals die to be eaten would human beings still consume them.? Many people say that dogs ( and cats ) don't care about eating other animals because  "that is the nature of things " - perhaps? But  one thing is for certain in when the dogs ( and cats ) in my household hear the term "dog eat dog" around the dinner table, mine is not the only eye brow raised:)


"I'm a lover, not a fighter" a few thoughts about "bullys"

Image courtesy of Brittany Farina

Image courtesy of Brittany Farina

Joey lives down the street. He is about seven ( which makes him doubt forty nine ) in human years. Joey was found on the street, almost at death's door by Sarah Joe (  a hint at how Joey got his name:) and her partner late one autumn night. Joey was fortunate, he only endured one year of abuse ( according to his veterinarian and behaviorist ). Following his six week recovery Sarah Joe adopted him - Joey has known and given love and loyalty ever since, he is good with children. Joey is a "PitRot" a mixture between a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler - a " bully breed" and one of the subjects of BSL - Breed Specific Legislation.  

A couple of thoughts on "Bully's" /  BSL and why this body of law does more harm than good.


"Bully Breeds" - or dogs bred specifically to fight or protect ( their owners )  are a group of dogs whose brain and braun have won them this title. It is unfortunate for these dogs that ,many of them are bred into situations where they are surrounded by ignorant people who use them as fighting dogs, and or use them as "trending" accessories. Less than 40% of people who own " bully breeds" consider these dogs family pets. The dogs are not the ignorant ones here it is the ignorant people who have bring these dogs into situations where their bully characteristics are tested to the limit - and hence the bad rep, sadly the dogs don't stand a chance. 

The fall out? with interest in BSL growing more  dogs who are labeled Bullys will be summarily discarded and sadly the use for them as fighters will simply go farther underground.   


"A house is not a home without a dog" -  Mark Twain

Because of the spread of BSL and the increase of reported dog bite claims, home owners may have to choose between owning a  BB dog or having their policy renewed

The fall out?  Pros: those people who are  not responsible or responsive pet owners and who are less than community minded will have to think twice about say leaving their BB walk without a leash in residential neighborhoods or in gated communities. This will help  make these communal living spaces safer for everyone. Cons? if you own a home you NEED insurance having to choose between your dog or your home - I hope none of you are ever in that situation. Another negative aspect could be that  many unthinking people will simple get rid of their dogs increasing the stray population, further taxing service personnel and areas shelters and rescues and creating unsafe environments. I've seen a scared hungry Bully Breed come running down the street, I stood my ground and the dog must have recognized me because I was find but other people walking small dogs have not been not so fortunate. Its not the "bully" dogs fault the fault lies with the owner! A dogs personality is largely shaped by the company they keep!


Whether you own a dog, care for a dog on a volunteer or professional level or you don't give a hoot about dogs one way or another, enacting BSL will affect YOU - why? Because YOU live among, and work around and unknowingly ( I HOPE ) are the target of dog fighters ( those morally bankrupt people who are on the look out for  beloved pets to use as bait ).

What if BSL was in effect nation wide ( which could include "pet friendly" establishments ) this scenario could happen:  

EXAMPLE Say there are one million homeless dogs ( this is a reported number from animal shelters and rescues ) . With BSL there could be an additional one million ( reported ) homeless dogs and another  one million who are just lost - strays, bait for dog fighting rings or breeders, or people who abuse dogs for the thrill of it of for people who eat their meat ( these deaths go largely unreported ) .  

Because we don't live in the world alone, whenever laws that have the potential to go nation wide are introduced we all should need to pay attention. Are you aware how many dog lovers there are in America? Do you know how much money the pet industry earned last year? According to the WSJ and the APPA ( the American Pet Products Association ) $53 Billion ( that is USD ) thats a lot of dog chow! This number represents all pet products of course but a large percentage of hat figure is based on what people spent on their dogs. Yes, according to scientific research, like people, some dogs are smarter than others and yes there are dogs among the bully breeds who are vicious and who have hurt people but as much can be said for people too.  

If you remember nothing at all about this post, please commit this to memory: 

Domestic dogs ( our canine "pets" ) are bred constructions of human fantasy. Some dogs were bred to be more family oriented than others and some were bred to be good hunters for example. We made dogs into what they are not the other way around. Learn more about  dogs and breed specific legislation and read the mouse print on your homeowner policy - you don't want to have to chose between your house and your dog.




State Farm











"But I thought...?" Is it time to revisit old notions about Pet Ownership?


While attending a conference on "The Rise of Pet Friendly Communities in  America " I remembered the conversation I had with some of the other parents over dinner which centered around pet ownership, at Four Paws Preparatory last weekend when I went to visit Mrs. Parker and Little Fricke. Both are doing fine and adjusting to boarding school nicely. I included a sweet potato pie which I baked the night before in their care package and I remembered to bring MonkeyB ( Fricke's "Teddy Bear" ) and MonkeyG ( MonkeyB's playmate:) Although there is no standard model for "pet ownership" there is some  consensus about what it means to be a "good pet parent" ( this is of course tossed about for pets without parents ).  Below are some of the situations which I recall people and their "pets" discussing ( Parker and Fricke are my children we don't use the term "pets" ) over coffee and dessert, perhaps some will look familiar to you?): 



1. "I know you will love my dog too!"

Please don't assume your new neighbor will appreciate your dog. 

A common mistake neighborhood "old timers" make with their new neighbors is the  lack of a proper introduction of the new dog on the block ( your's ) to theirs. Yes we can't predict outcomes but a slow approach here ( unless the initial meeting is at a dog park ) is probably best,  just so you know where the old timer(s) stand on new pooches who will now be part of their turf:)   



Was a dog park listed in the local things to do? Do you remember Googling ( to Google is now a verb:) "local dog parks in the area"?  Dog Parks take effort and a conscious desire by people who live near them to maintain them. Many are public spaces, usually organized and kept up by volunteers. If there is none to be found that is convenient to you and your canine companion, consider inviting neighbors over for some hot cocoa and talk Dog - only good things can come out of it - for you and your four legged friends:)




Did you discuss melding your pets with your new spouse / partner / roommate ? Are your familiar with the idiosyncrasies of different dog and cat breeds - who may get along with each other or for example, with your new partners small children?  Dog and Cats are very loyal and territorial bringing together two families to make one big family pet pot presents many challenges including space and time issues. Before the big get together there was more space ( and time to interact with YOUR cat or dog ) not that your families have come together it twice the  chaos of "live and pet live". Please don't mis understand me - I am all for two families of humans coming together and including their four legged and winged friends. But understand that this is not an undertaking to be taken lightly ( especially for the non humans involved ). 




Would you let your kids eat anything without being sure it was good for them ( or at the very least not harmful )? Please take your pets diet seriously; this simple, well thought out consideration will save you time, money and prevent unnecessary injuries and illness to the animals who have come to depend on you! Your pets can't shop at the local market - you can:)  


cats see well in the dark.jpg


I have seen so many people try to sneak a cat into a hotel and bed and breakfast it may as well be a common occurrence! There are resources  available to the general public which provide "pet friendly" information about their business and services. Fortunately Pet Friendly is not unusual,  like being a vegetarian it has become common place! Know the rules of your bed and breakfast or your hotel before you check in you. You don't want to be stuck without a place to sleep with fido and frisky in tow, with no where  to sleep, in the middle of no where:) 

No cats or owls were harmed in the making of this owl cat:)

No cats or owls were harmed in the making of this owl cat:)


Yes, it is true that cats vision far exceeds the vision of healthy human eye sight in darker or dim light, it is a myth that cats "prefer to be left in the dark". Please remember that the domestic cat most likely appreciates the light on especially when YOU - the person whom they love is not around, when your kitty turns into an owl - leave the lights off:)





Taking a leisurely stroll with our dogs can be wonderful ( under  ideal circumstances ).  But because humans  ( and dogs ) are not aquatic our vision is limited when we are trying to navigate in rain. While walking with the dogs in the rain can seem very romantic this too has it's challenges particularly when walking dogs off leash and in urban areas where other people are having difficulty seeing too! BTW most dogs would greatly appreciate a rain coat, I am certain they like that warm, and dry, fuzzy feeling too:) 




While no kitty would presume to ask you to "turn it down" or to "dim the lights" because "I was sleeping", or "I am feeling under the weather" or "I want to listen to the birds chirp"  think of it this way. Would you like it if the tables were turned and the person who you shared your home with did not consider your quality of life and disregarded your feelings by turning on lights when you are sleeping by stomping on the floor dancing over your head on up stairs when you are feeling under the weather? Or by Inviting their drinking buddies over after you've had a long week of litigation for a late night drinking and game session?  Your pets probably do not appreciate this either.



In this way pets are like people they probably won't appreciate your being home one minute and or your leaving in the morning and at 5pm when Fido comes to the door a total stranger introduces themselves:  "Hello its party time!" as the new pet sitter.  Explain to the animals in your care that there will be a change if you are no longer going to care for them AND if you are going to be away for an extended period of time - your relationship will be the better for it:)  It is unfortunate that many animals live their lives with people who do not consider their feelings and treat them like a piece of furniture when it is convenient to do so. Whether you are a past, current of potential pet owner, please consider standing in your pets shoes from time to time. If you were a cat wouldn't you appreciate a clean litter box ( they  can tell us but I am positive that they do too.


"It's Me or the Dog" Well, Then You Gotta Go! Can You Identify With Our "People-Pet Bonds" :)?

 "They" say that Dog " is mans best friend" - that may be so but it is woman who they come running to and whose feet they sleep under:)

 "They" say that Dog " is mans best friend" - that may be so but it is woman who they come running to and whose feet they sleep under:)


1. If someone you care for ( but maybe are unsure about ) says something to you, like: "Well, It's me or him" You're bonded to your dog, if you look up, smile push that someone's things off the dresser and then make room for the dogs things:) ( no need for small talk here).

2. If you are at an outdoor concert with an empty seat next to you  and minutes before the show  someone sputters  ( holding a chili cheese dog in one hand and slurping on a straw from their drink ) : "Oh hi there, excuse me ( attempting to push their way toward you from the narrow, crowded isle ) "is that seat taken?" and you reply ( with a smile ): "Why yes, by my Doggy, here baby jump!" - you're bonded. 

3. While your out walking the dog, if someone approaches you from the opposite direction and makes the mistake of  trying  to come in between you and your dog instead of walking around you and you close the gap so they can't get in-between you and your canine friend - you're bonded ( to your dog:).


Do Cats really have nine lives, I don't know but I do treat them as if they understand that their life with me is sacred!

Do Cats really have nine lives, I don't know but I do treat them as if they understand that their life with me is sacred!

1. You're bonded to your cat if on Friday night you ask her what's coming on -trusting that she has had all day to thoroughly check out  the TV listings and take notes:) 

2. If the ( new ) Vet Tech at your Veterinarian makes the following statement while performing the preliminary exam before your kitty see's the doctor: "Gee your cats testes are huge isn't he neutered" and tries to reach for them, then chuckles and you come back with: "Yes, they are larger than most men I know and you pull your kitty close to you -  so your cat won't get fondled, by the  ( suspect ) Vet Tech - you're bonded:). 

3. If you're cat makes him or herself comfortable in a shared closet because they feel safe there and has not ruined any item and remains in one dedicated spot and some one you share that closet with makes the statement:  "Not again! I told you to keep that F@#$%^&* cat out of the closet, it's me or the cat"  and with one hand you sweep their things from the closet to the floor look up  smile and say: "Meow" - you're bonded ( to the cat:)


Despite their size and reputation for being tough well traveled survivors Horses are loving loyal animals  who remember who loved them and who did not! 

Despite their size and reputation for being tough well traveled survivors Horses are loving loyal animals  who remember who loved them and who did not! 

1. If your neighbor comments over your shared fence: 

"Yoo Hoo - hi there that horse sure makes a lot of, well you know stuff - I hear horses are very popular on the international meat market?" while they offer you a sinister smile, you are bonded to your horse if you look over your fence in the direction of the petulant voice and reply "inquisitive neighbors fetch a high price too:)" 

2. If  you hear your horse start his broadcast of his evening talk show:  "For Animals Only - Talk about, Hair Fur, Paws and Pads"  and you don't think this is odd behavior,  then  you rush into the kitchen, turn on the radio, grab a cold drink, sit down to tape and enjoy the broadcast - you're bonded:).

3. If you are walking with your horse down the street and she is trotting happily close to the curb and someone approaches you,  waving dollar bills: "Hey you with the horse! how much for me and my kids to to jump on the old mare and go for a ride" and you reply still feeding your Horsey Honey a few of her favorite sugar cubes: "The same amount for us ( me and the horse ) to jump on and ride YOU",  you're bonded:). 


When will people understand that the "Easter Bunny" lives beyond easter - please reconsider giving rabbits as holiday gifts. Remember you make your own luck don't rely on the in humane and draconian use of a rabbits foot to bring you "good luck" 

When will people understand that the "Easter Bunny" lives beyond easter - please reconsider giving rabbits as holiday gifts. Remember you make your own luck don't rely on the in humane and draconian use of a rabbits foot to bring you "good luck" 

1. If a visitor to your home ( or office ) comments on and points to the small black raisins they see on your floor and or other surfaces around your space and asks "what that is?" and you respond with a smile and in all seriousness: "Oh don't worry it's just Rabbit poo it won't bite you ( and you wipe the counter "dust" off ( dismissively ) with your hand or kick the poo out of their way ) your bonded ( to your rabbit:). 

2. If you get a call from a neighbor: Hello I was worried I looked toward your house and thought I saw long ears jumping up and down and....." and you reply: "Thanks for calling! no worries it's just a few hundred of my Pal Joey the Rabbit's  off spring  meeting,  mixing and dancing for joy" ( that they found a home - your home ) your bonded:.). 

3. If when your driving with your best Rabbit friend and you  ( accidentally ) rear end the car ahead of you because your friend the Rabbit screams: "OMG, look! a Rabbits foot hanging from that rear view mirror, what nerve!" ( then you concur with his reaction and don't feel bad or concerned about the damage to your vehicle or the one you just hit - you're bonded:).


The animals in our lives affect us on many levels, somewhere deep in out brains we understand that we are connected to them in ways we can't always articulate.  Yesterday evening, when I sat at the kitchen table and did not hear Mrs. Parker and Fricke I stopped on the middle of the staircase. In my mind I could hear them running up and down - one of the wonderful house memories I have of them.  I went back down stairs to speak with the kitties about the new silence which had found it's way into our home. The kitties ( who initially jumped for joy  that the dogs were away at school )  and I realized how much we missed the sound of Mrs. Parker and her dog Fricke in the house, whoops  I have to go now.  I have to to get the Sweet Potato Pie I made for Mrs. Parker and Fricke out of the oven. I  will be in the vicinity of Four Paws Academy  tomorrow afternoon and I will pay a surprise visit to the school. I can't wait to see my babies,  you could say I am bonded - to them:)!

How are you bonded to your Pawed Hoofed or Winged Friends?  






News From Mrs. Parker: The case of the "Mystery Dog"

After a busy weekend traveling promoting My Darling  Theo I dropped my bags down in the foyer and found a letter from Parker on the hallway table with the other mail. I asked Parker and Fricke to write to me from school in order to improve their penmanship and writing skills as they will need this ability to communicate to all animals ( and people ). Although they know they can text, phone or Skype with me whenever they want we often exchange a note via snail mail as it is fun to receive a personal note on stationary ( both dogs have a personal stamp ). 

I sat down at the dining room table  and read a short note from Mrs. P while I nibbled a late supper, the house is so quiet without them ( although the cats don't seem to mind:).  Both Parker and Fricke are doing just fine at their new school Mrs. P writes: 

Our Goalie "Snyde" kept the balls of Felines First  out!  

Our Goalie "Snyde" kept the balls of Felines First  out!  

"Dear Mummy: 

Fricke and I are doing well and adjusting to life at Four Paws Preparatory. We are making friends and sharing our stories with the hope that more dogs learn about the programs you offer in their behalf at My Darling Theo. We miss you and Mrs. Flee ( we are not allowed to bring our Nanny's to school ).  We had our first soccer game of the semester against an old rival  - Felines First Day School ( "The Academy for Discerning Kitties" ) . It was a tough match but in the end Canines Cheered:  "Victory!"  ( score 1-0 ). The first day of classes each student had the opportunity for a short introduction. I was about to finish my intro when a heckler yelled - "Mystery Dog!" ( some dogs in the class snickered ). I stopped mid bark, chewed a bit on my pencil and looked around the room over my reading glasses which were perched just above my nose,  I thought a moment and remembered what you taught Fricke and I: "That there is no such thing as a mystery dog each dog has a unique pedigree they should learn about and be proud of!"


I put an end to the heckling and assured the class that I was no "Mystery Dog" I am of mixed heritage - Dachsund and Schnauzer - a "Dachschnau" and  I have traced my roots back at least 200 years!. The teacher Mrs. Pennigrute, agreed and I left the podium with my head up, smiling as the other mixed breed dogs clapped, whistled and woofed at my response. Before I go I wanted to tell you about Little Fricke. He has a secret club called "The Law Wags" ( they send coded messages via the Twilight Bark.) This secret  club meets to discuss the changes in laws that affect dogs ( and cats ) across America. The club is not really secret but one has to go through a pledging ritual and be approved by Fricke for membership ( so far everyone has been accepted to the group:). Fricke introduces himself by saying: "Greetings I am L.J. Fricke - Attorney for Dogs ( because every dog needs a good lawyer :)" (and then he hands out his business card ). Fricke and I text each other all the time as we don't always have the same courses together.    

Some of my class mates at Four Paws  love school and get A's in penmanship! 

Some of my class mates at Four Paws  love school and get A's in penmanship! 

Well Mummy I have to go now I have an early class tomorrow morning. Kiss, kiss - Oh Mummy Fricke can't find "Monkey B"  - please look for MonkeyB and ask MonkeyB to pack a small bag and get ready to join Fricke at school. You might find MonkeyB lounging with his girlfriend MonkeyG somewhere in Fricke's room.  Please send MonkeyB  via special delivery - you know Fricke can't sleep well at night without "Monkey B" ( some where ) by his side:)

Pictured: "Monkey B"   ( on the right ) with his pal "Monkey G" on the Left.  The monkeys are named aptly MonkeyB ( Boy for Fricke ) and MonkeyG ( Girl for Mrs. Parker ) - note Fricke has befriend both:)  

Pictured: "Monkey B"   ( on the right ) with his pal "Monkey G" on the Left.  The monkeys are named aptly MonkeyB ( Boy for Fricke ) and MonkeyG ( Girl for Mrs. Parker ) - note Fricke has befriend both:)  

Big Hug  ( pinch the cats for us:) 


Love Mrs. P" 


I taught Parker and Fricke when shortly after I adopted them that they were just as "special"  ( not to be confused with a reference to a person [ or dog ]  who is retarded ) as the next "pure bred dog". In fact "mutts" have less personality and health issues than their "pure bred" brethren:) YOU can help put and end to the response*: 

Oh what is your dog? 

 *"Oh he's just a Mutt you know a Mystery Dog" 

by educating people about the value of learning what breed(s) their dog is! All dogs are invaluable to human beings and so should your learning about their ancestry, as this simple and fascinating look into the animal(s) you live with and or care for could save their life ( knowing what breed your dog is will help a veterinarian determine what illnesses he or she may be prone to for example ).  

Additional Resources: 

The "Mutt" 

The "Mixed Breed Dog Campaign"

The Other End of the Leash: Stereotyping Mixed Breed Dogs



Bye Bye Loves: Mrs. Parker & Fricke attend Four Paws Preparatory!

Four Paws Preparatory established 1763

Four Paws Preparatory established 1763

After the end of a long hot playful and work filled, summer, it was time to take Mrs. P and Fricke up to their new Boarding school. The night before  I prepared their favorite dishes -  three cheese lasagna for Parker and grilled salmon with sour cream mashed potatoes for Fricke. After dinner we took a long walk around the neighborhood so that the dogs could say good bye to their friends ( on two and four legs ) and exchange contact information. I had their nanny Mrs. Fiona Flem  ( the dogs call her Mrs. Fee ) lay out their PJ's and a small gift under each of their pillows. Parker Fricke and I stayed up watching movies and eating pop corn. I carried each to their bedroom, kissed them good night on their foreheads and wondered how I would get along without them ( I quietly sobbed as I tucked each in bed and turned on their night lights.)

 Although I would miss them terribly I made the decision for boarding school rather than send them to NYC's prestigious  "GOOD DOG"! Day School because the dogs and I felt Four Paws Preparatory for Dogs was the perfect match because of the caliber of its staff, and  the school motto: "A Good Dog Listens before Barking, Looks before Leaping, and Always Lands On All Fours".  During the long drive  beautiful drive up the Mohawk Trail to the Berkshires the dogs laughed sang and they read  to me what some alumni had to say about the education they received:

rex at school for its the weekend dog 083113.png

"Well what I learned was:  "Dogs Best Friend ( Woman ) Dogs second best friend ( Man )"

 - John Founder, 4/2 Dog to Human Match LLC ( Yorkshire Terrier ) Class of 1990

"I enjoyed attending FPP because my focus increased 100% ( and I fetch better too )"  

 - Doug Founder, Paws Down Retrieval Systems Inc. ( Golden Retriever )  Class of 1975

"Four Paws is coed but I learned how to be a lady and that's all there is to it - right:)" 

 - Jessica Founder Lady Bugs Salon for Dogs Class of 1987

Finally there the dogs and I drove throughout the heavy gates up the long drive to Four Paws. We pulled into the parking lot of Mrs. Parkers dorm. 


"Well My Little Poo this is it , Mommy's little girl is all grown up now" 

 "I am?" ( Parke said as we carried her bags to her room ) 

"Here we are room #501 and you have a view of the valley  too, oh look at that a - WELCOME MRS. PARKER! sign isn't that sweet" 

"Hey someone has the top bunk - I want that one" ( and she remade the bed with her linen ) 

Now Parker - well, I'm sure your new roommate won't mind - where do you want your chocolate covered dog bones dear?" ( I said putting the rest of her things away ) 

"Put them here Mummy - here Fricke you can have one!"

We sped toward the other end of campus found Frickes room and helped him unpack - Fricke's room mate a Great Dane named Jack  a third generation "Four Pawsy"  showed Parker Fricke and I around.  I hugged my babies good bye and waved  from the car. Jack  brought them to their first class  before lunch:

Education takes place 24x7 at Four Paws Prep!

Education takes place 24x7 at Four Paws Prep!

Aaahh...I sighed as  the top came down on the convertible and I the iron gates of the school closed behind my car, confident I made the right choice. "Bye bye Loves"... I said to the wind just then I received a text message -  ( which included an image of Parker and Fricke Arm and Arm ) "We love you Mom:)" 

I smiled headed for home and thought of  the items I would include in their first  care package from home! 


The Huge Buzz Over The Little Elephant ( and his Mother )

Parker and Fricke were playing in the backyard when a plane flew over our heads pulling a sign announcing the arrival of the circus this weekend. The sign included a picture of an elephant wearing an oversized orange hat in the shape of WW1 soldiers helmet, the Elephant’s eyes were covered. Parker and Fricke wondered why Elephants would be in circuses in the first place and I tried to explain the ad to them.  I found their new friends, Little Fred a one year old Pachyderm and his mother Ms. Frederika performing stupid tricks and being prodded with an electric bull hook at a dumpy road side circus in the tiny minded village of Simpleton. Horrified of their living arrangement I invited them to stay at our house after one of the circus “hands” made the mistake of coming between Ms. Freddy and her frightened Little Fred. While Parker and Fricke played hide and seek with Little Fred I put down the latest issue of “Elephant Today” and drifted off  for a nap, when the silence was broken with the trumpet of – Ms. Fredericka who waved two dozen sandwiches in her trunk, a call to her calf to "come and get it!" ( lunch time ).

Not at all startled  I was about to doze off  in the hammock and pick up where my dream  left off with "007" when---- I felt an irritating pudgy finger poking my shoulder.

“Hello My Dear It’s Marjorie, yoo hoo, are you awake? There is something I wish to speak with you about and it won’t keep!" ( it was hefty Mrs. Buzzie, one of my oldest, nosiest  neighbors snooting down at me )

Roused from ( and hoping to return to ) my slumber ( and film debut with Bond ), I nearly tumbled on to the ground and I replied:

“No Mrs. Buzzie I am not awake I am with "007" what is it I can help you with?”

“Well some of us have been talking and we wondered when are your guests leaving?”

“My guests?” ( I hadn’t the slightest idea what she was talking about )

“I don’t think I know what you mean?” ( I said smiling blinking my eyes as if I had something in them )

“Your Pachyderm friends - when are they departing for the circus? It’s in town you know” ( she grimmeled, put her tongue in her cheek, and forced a half smile )

“Oh you mean the Elephants  - I see,  well Mrs. Buzzie I don’t really know? They haven’t said and I haven’t asked for a departure date, that is – I mean, I have an obligation to them and well certainly the garden is big enough for mother and calf to stay for a while I have three acres!”

“But you see My Dear ( she always addressed me as “dear” never Alyssia ) those animals will start to eat the foliage on my property too  ( she put her handkerchief to her always runny nose and blew ) and those “paddys” as you call them, they produce that awful smell why that stench is over whelming and those toots of the horn at all hours with those trunks, My Dear really!” ( she folded her hands across her chest ).

“Mrs. Buzzie, Elephants are wondrous beings – yes they are a little bigger than most but so is their capacity to reason, remember and understand human beings. I could not wait to go to the circus when I was little but then I grew up and found out about the abuse, neglect and indifference Elephants ( Lions, Tigers Bears, Horses and Seals ) endure, performing in fear and on drugs! The time for the circus has come and gone. Besides I like having the Elephants around they have become fast friends with Parker and Fricke,  Ms. Frederika has got a great sense of humor and the neighborhood kids just love them!”

She cleared her throat ( of what sounded like something very green ) stood straight up and shouted as she walked away:

“This is not the last of it you, you elephant  aficionado!” ( she stepped in a freshly made dung paddy ) I’ll be back and those pachyderms will be back in the ring where they belong - I will return triumphant” ( Little Freddy tickled her with his trunk as she stumbled by him ).

I laid back down in the hammock covered my chest with Elephant Today and went back to my dream with 007 – as I drifted off I could see a little tail wagging as I heard Little Freddy nuzzle against his mother smiling, happy to have finally found a home:) 

Elephants belong in the wild not in the circus or a zoo. Established companies such as Ringling Bros and smaller roadside circuses can not survive without ( generational ) financial support from people like you . Keep your money where it can most hurt circus proprietors, in your pocket! The Elephants would do it for YOU!

The History of The Circus

MYTH: Dogs Hate the Mailman


Parker and Fricke  were taking their afternoon snooze while I cut back the Pampas Grass so they could get a better view of passers by. As soon as the latch to our front gate cricked open and without warning Parker and Fricke woke from the dead and went into  "Fourth of July Mode" on the small, frail, elderly un assuming mailman who regularly delivers to the Foundation.

I ran in the house as fast as I could but everything seemed in slow motion. If you could imagine me running toward them in slowmo watching Parker and Fricke jumping up and down like firecrackers, cherry bombs and fireworks trying to break through the screen door to get to the sheepish and polite postal worker.



Whaaaat Arrre Youuuu Doingggg?”

“Trryinggg To Ge---t the Mail----man Mom------! ( Fricke yelled slowwwly mouth agape )

Boinggggg Boingggg Boinggggg  ( up and down they went  I watched the mail man utter )

"Thaaattts Allll Riighttt"  ( and  just as suddenly silence - life resumed in real time, the dogs went back to sleep and the mailman went back to his routine, un-phased as soon as he dropped the latch and the gate closed under the arbor )

I snapped out of it and –

"I'm sorry - really---thank you" ( I shouted after the mailman as he closed the gate and said softly ).

"That's Ok - their only doing their job" ( he scurried away like a mouse ).

This routine happens everyday ( I am certain our mailman is not alone ) but he continues to deliver our mail on time and on schedule.


"Yes Fricke dear?"

"Why can't we have the mailman for lunch, he smells so good".

"Because we need the mail dear" ( I said thinking of the many things I had to do, and went back to pruning :)

MYTH DEBUNKED: Dogs chase after/ bark at and try to jump on postal workers because of the way they smell.  Yes and No – its mostly the smell of the mail and the dogs territorial instincts kicking in. Mail has had so many hands on it and been tossed on so many floors and in dirty postal bags - the stories each piece would tell would mind boggling. One piece of mail is handled by over 20 people combined with all the other pieces of mail and the natural body odors a mailman ( mail person exude me ) acquires on his route ( think of what that smells like to a dog:)  I convinced Fricke and Parker to attend mailman group therapy ( with the other dogs on our block ).

"Oh, hello there, our regular mailman?"  The new guy shouted after tossing our mail toward the house ( from behind the fence )  "He's on vacation:)"

Talking Dog, Phrases Which Identify People And Their Pets :)


Fricke is a born researcher and was telling me about the history of the new private school he and Parker would be attending in the Fall. I made the decision to put them in boarding school because I would be traveling quite a bit these next few months and did not want their education to suffer. I will miss seeing them every day but I know it will only be for a short while until we are all reunited and besides they will meet new friends and have new  adventures to share. I was going through their closets trying to ascertain what I needed to purchased for them before they had to leave for school at the end of August Mrs. Parker and Fricke were playing Scrabble in the living room and asked me if "Poo Poo" was a real word.  

 "Poo Poo - there! Scrabble!" Parker said confidently -  as Fricke jumped on the table to see how she declared victory popping a dog treat in her mouth, smiling licking her lips.

"Mommm-- Parker is cheating! is Poo Poo a real word" 

Yes and no I responded "Poo" is a verb meaning excrement ( Random House Dictionary ) but "Poo Poo" is slang like saying "deary" instead of dear. 

Fricke put his chest out, grabbed a treat and torted: "Well Parker, I win no poo poo for you! " ( Parker started chasing him around the room ).

I sat down in front of the Scrabble board, and put together a list of word phrases which identify people who live with and care for dogs ( and their feline friends:)

"What, are you doing? 

"I said, No" 

"Mommy is working" 

"I'm on the - phone!" 

"What is this?" ( found poo on the floor ) 

"Get off the table, please" 

"I'm going as fast as I can" ( giving out treats ) 

"Hello I'm back, I brought the treats you asked for - now you don't want them?" 

"Leave the cat alone" 

"No, the cat is not a toy" 

( to a guest )  "Sorry about this, ( while the dogs hump on a leg or sniff a crotch ) there must be something they like - Oh, what I mean is he does it to everybody" 

"Could you please let me have the pillow tonight:)?" 

"Of course Mommy loves you, that's why your at the Vet:)"

"Bathing is natural that's why Mommy wants to give you one" 

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

If there is a phrase that I have left out please feel free to add it:) 


"Old Stupid Dog" and "Dumb Cat" Make a Wish - Happy Birthday!

The lovely Tallulah Juliette days before thirteenth her birthday August 7, 2013 Happy Birthday Tahty!

The lovely Tallulah Juliette days before thirteenth her birthday August 7, 2013 Happy Birthday Tahty!

I was on the patio wiping off the table and chairs, and inspecting the blue, and white umbrella which had seen better days - taking inventory for Tallulah's upcoming thirteenth birthday celebration, I wanted everything to be perfect for this August cat and her dear old friend Seamus.  

Little Fricke was listening to his stereo with the headphones on in his room and playing air drums tapping on the window sill while he sang ( louder than he thought ) along with the song ..."sumer in the city back of my neck getting dirty and gritty".

Parker was downstairs in the dining room sorting through the party favors and making a list of what we had, when she found an old photo of Tallulah and a Great Pyrenees . 

"One, two, three, four... - check"

"One, two, three - oh, that one is pretty - check  I think I found everything in order oh the party is going to be swell lots of dogs and kitties what fun!"  


"Yes Mummy" 

"How's it going dear finding everything OK? Do we need to go to the store?" 

"Oh no Mummy we have enough candles, cups, napkins, utensils and party favors - its all here!"  


"Yes Dear?" 

"I found an old photo of Tallulah with a beautiful white a dog in the credenza who is it? 

Wait dear I'm almost finished out here, I 'll be right up, better yet  - Tallulah can tell you herself I think she is reading in the den, ask her!  

Parker ( who enjoys listening to Tallulah weave a good story ) quickly jumped down from her chair and went in search of the birthday girl, my twelve year old rescue cat who I found almost at her wits end smoking cigarettes, and talking fast with a very bad hair do at the East Bay SPCA nine months after I adopted the late Theodore Henry in 2003.  

"Hi Tahtty" 

"Hello Mrs. P" 

"Can I come in?" 

"Yes little one- come, come, I was just resting my eyes - I do love what Mother has done with this old den all the books and memories, what can I do for you?" 

"I was in the kitchen making sure we had everything ready for your big birthday bash when I came across this old photo -  who is the dog standing next to you and the fireman with sooty mustache?" 

( Parker sat at Talluhla's  knee and listened with both ears as this regal kitty explained how she and her unlikely  best friend,  "Seamus" found forever homes, friendship and celebrity. 

"When I was a kitty ( not that I look a day past 21 mind you ) - I lived on ranch with a dog - Seamus and we were stuck with an old mean man ( with a stick for a friend ) who had just buried his woman. The man sniggered -  a screaming,  yelling, mean old drunk who could not hold his liquor. Seamus and I were always cleaning up after this man it was horrible."


"Get in here your dumb cat,  where you hiding you, old stupid dog?"

"Oh he would scream and throw things at us - and tell us to.."hurry up and clean up this mess" 

 "Seamus got the worst of it - the mean old man would take poor Seamus hunting and leave Seamus out in the cold and the rain and in the heat without food or water. I would try to hide but he would grab me by the tail and toss me like I was a dirty dish into the sink, Seamus and I comforted each other but we were terrified."

"One day the old man fell a sleep and dropped his cigarette and started fire beneath his cot. Seamus barked and barked but the old man threw a plate at him and told him to:  "SHAD AP"

"Before the old man laid down, he threw me in the old ice chest, he accused me of tearing his threadbare shirt.  I  tried to get out but I was trapped and was without hope of surviving when suddenly the lid flew open, smoke poured in and Seamus pulled me out and we lept out the broken kitchen window to safety."   

"A neighbor who had been kind saw the smoke, and ran into the house calling for us but a timber fell on her and she was almost burnt up with the house, when Seamus rushed in to save her. He pulled an tugged and got her out just in the nick of time!" 


Well as you might expect the house burned down and the press captured this image of Seamus me and the old fireman with the soot still on his crooked mustache. "

"Wow Tallulah! what a great story, I can't wait to meet Seamus - what happened to him?" 

Seamus went on to found the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society of North America and a local chapter of Cats and Dogs - a  club if you will to promote positive relations between canine and feline:) 


Cats and dogs are some of the smartest animals on the planet. Cats and Dogs are on the ( human ) record for saving their guardians and for traveling long distances. Recently interest at some of the most well respected research facilities across the globe has confirmed what most animal lovers have always known: Cats and Dogs have memories, please don't think they don't understand, remember and recognize our behavior - they do. Cats and Dogs have a lot to teach US - learn more about the intellect of Cats and Dogs. 

Say Happy Birthday  to Tallulah Juliette August 7, 2013 she will be 13 years young:)  I am happy to have her in my life ( she keeps in touch with Seamus by listening to the Twilight Bark:)








The Invisibles: Living Among the Violence Chasers

Judy Salamon

Judy Salamon

Look at the beautiful smile - wasn't she lovely!  She had so much light to give!  You know I try to inflect my words with laughter primarily to get your attention - make you feel good and hopefully inspire you to reflect and take action.  A family friend once said: "I am most serious when I am laughing". My friend and neighbor Judy Salamon had a great sense of humor. Intelligent and compassionate she always had a smile for me, Mrs.Parker and Fricke I will miss seeing her and giving her hugs! When I heard the news that she had died I  was quite suddenly shocked out of my mind and involuntarily brought back to the real nature of violence - despite scientific break throughs and the availability of over the counter medications violence is unpredictable and offers and equal opportunity to inflict pain to anyone who happens by.

Alaysha Carradine

Alaysha Carradine

Almost a week earlier and not far from Where Judy was killed, eight year old Alaysha Carridine was shot at a sleep over, at point blank range as she ran to answer the front door. This child did what your kids do ran to the door when the door bell rings. The question is and the problem remains there has not been a solution to nor a viable and inclusive discussion about what are we doing to prevent these Violence Chasers from killing us? The Invisibles are a growing community of people who take life for granted and whom do not know boundaries or boarders - no line drawn in the sand is going to keep them out and away from our us, our children nor our pets. WE have to live with them.

Saturday is for many, a time out day but I don't feel much like laughing - I really want to scream!  I will try to talk to you in "gentle woman speak" although  it is difficult to remain unemotional about violence,  because for me people whom I call "Violence Chasers" are junkies whose fix is never enough, they always want to up the anti on their next victim - will it ever end - no, it can only be contained.  I don't speak modestly about the future because I don't take the future for granted. I want children like Alaysha to grow up I  want the Judy Salamon's of the world to live a prosper - Judy was not some dowdy old lady sitting on her porch ( and even if she were ) she was an out spoken, vivacious neighborhood leader who was shot in her head for her purse? her cell phone?

 "The Violence Chasers" are invisible because ugly wears no mask. The Invisibles are our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and representatives. STOP thinking that "this can happen here"  You are not immune nor protected from The Invisibles -  there is no standardized test for who will commit violent acts - only suppositions. You are not alone animals face the worst danger - they can not speak and tell us.

Abused and Neglected Young German Shepherd dropped at OAS May 30, 2013 

Abused and Neglected Young German Shepherd dropped at OAS May 30, 2013 

Have you heard a howling or a whimper you can not identify? Trust your instincts, intuitively you know something is not right don't run from it. On May 30, 2013 a young German Shepherd was brought to Oakland Animal Services after obviously living a life of hell.  Was this  ( repeated ) act of cruelty revenge? Did a man angry at his woman and take it out on the dog?  Did mentally and morally corrupt kids  relieve their boredom on this young canine? Was it  a small business owner who dropped the dog off because abused dogs are bad for business? As of this date all of the above is unclear and unfortunately the poor dog can not tell us. BUT someone did bring the dog to OAS - aahh a ray of hope! Someone, somewhere gave damn! Proof that the possibility of civilization continuing exists! BTW - The Animal Cruelty syndrome is  relevant to violence against people this same group, attacks animals and humans alike. Review the case of "Phoenix", the officer who tried to save her life and  the community who came together as a result of this vicious act of violence - courage is based  on actions, not feelings. Do innocent people like Judy and Alaysha and the dogs people call "pets" have to bring this point home?

The Beautiful Dog known as Phoenix who later died of  injuries sustained by two "bored"  Baltimore twins. 

The Beautiful Dog known as Phoenix who later died of  injuries sustained by two "bored"  Baltimore twins. 

So you see, the future may be bright. Because of Judy's death neighbors who did not speak now do. Because of Alaysha's death little black children ( whose murders are not as well covered as caucasian child victims - everyone knows Jon Benet Ramsey do you know Sherrice Iverson? ) may have a shot at the finish line without the stigma and stereotype of living with ( and expecting ) to experience violence before their 13th birthday.  Yes I am sad and mad at the violence that has happened so close to my front door but I am hopeful that WE, the collective WE ( as I am fond of saying ) can look past our own busy ( insular ) lives at the reality that having a nice house for example to live in is not enough WE have to look to The Invisibiles - The Violence Chasers and make sure their houses are in order to.

Sherrice iverson raped  and murdered in a Nevada casino bathroom stall by two college age men "who were bored and wanted something to do"

Sherrice iverson raped  and murdered in a Nevada casino bathroom stall by two college age men "who were bored and wanted something to do"

Be Safe Be Well and Want this for Others- YOUR happiness and safety depends on it:)  In loving memory of Judy, Alaysha, Phoenix, Jon Benet, Sherrice and the Little Shepherd brought to OAS - Alyssia