"I feel your pain" ( Then love me, don't eat me :)!

If people could taste pain - the pain, fear, cruelty and confusion which animals go through as our food sources, would meat continue to be the number one food choice world wide?


I am a vegetarian and have been  a "veggie" for over a decade. I am healthy, energetic and rarely get sick ( my doctor commented, "Alyssia you might be part starfish because you have an uncanny ability to heal rapidly and leave almost no scar tissue" ). I am lucky  have "good genes" and I watch  the proportion of food  that I ingest at one sitting.  I do not as some people do - "graze":)  I have not faltered on my promise not to eat  what Russell Simmons said: "anything that can run away, fly away or swim away from me".  I am not a  "flexitarian" my word for people who for example live in California and are ( known ) vegetarians until the Holiday Season when they "go back east" and eat turkey for Thanksgiving "just to please mom". I have often wondered if people really understand what an animal endures, to become a "burger". or  a "fried chicken" sandwich or a "pulled pork" papusa.

is there a correlation between Our Favorite ( meat ) Sandwiches By State and:


The amount of animal abuse per capita by state? 

The belief that animals are disposable per capita by state?

The suggestion that it is our " right to eat animals ( or anything else that lives )? 

Do you care and or fully understand the correlation between  factory farmed meat sources, the rise in cheap  meat  and the pervasive  influx of  new eating establishments where meat is the menu and vegetables are treated as  common  condiments?


just a few days ago it was revealed that Chicken McNuggets contained  the "meat" of practically the entire chicken. Some would argue it is the best way to consume an animal - "to eat it all"  My canine companions Fricke and Mrs. Parker carefully inspect and sniff any food item put before them. Fricke would happily live on a vegetarian goat cheese infused diet and give up meat altogether - Mrs. P - echoes  

Clara Peller

 in her demand of " Wheres the beef?" I'v e wondered if people who eat meat are as careful about what they eat as my dogs - who do not care for ( meat infused ) dog food at all!  If you eat meat do you, look before you bite? Do you believe it is better to eat the entire animal than to just eat the "white meat"? Do you care that when you munch on nuggets "during the game" you  may be eating chicken entrails / bones / nerves / eyes?

Why go through all the fuss what is the big deal about eating animals?

I  have mad the voluntary choice not eat animals, animal by products, fish nor fish by products for ethical and health reasons. I've wondered - if people could taste the horrible way animals die to be eaten would human beings still consume them.? Many people say that dogs ( and cats ) don't care about eating other animals because  "that is the nature of things " - perhaps? But  one thing is for certain in when the dogs ( and cats ) in my household hear the term "dog eat dog" around the dinner table, mine is not the only eye brow raised:)