Talking Dog, Phrases Which Identify People And Their Pets :)


Fricke is a born researcher and was telling me about the history of the new private school he and Parker would be attending in the Fall. I made the decision to put them in boarding school because I would be traveling quite a bit these next few months and did not want their education to suffer. I will miss seeing them every day but I know it will only be for a short while until we are all reunited and besides they will meet new friends and have new  adventures to share. I was going through their closets trying to ascertain what I needed to purchased for them before they had to leave for school at the end of August Mrs. Parker and Fricke were playing Scrabble in the living room and asked me if "Poo Poo" was a real word.  

 "Poo Poo - there! Scrabble!" Parker said confidently -  as Fricke jumped on the table to see how she declared victory popping a dog treat in her mouth, smiling licking her lips.

"Mommm-- Parker is cheating! is Poo Poo a real word" 

Yes and no I responded "Poo" is a verb meaning excrement ( Random House Dictionary ) but "Poo Poo" is slang like saying "deary" instead of dear. 

Fricke put his chest out, grabbed a treat and torted: "Well Parker, I win no poo poo for you! " ( Parker started chasing him around the room ).

I sat down in front of the Scrabble board, and put together a list of word phrases which identify people who live with and care for dogs ( and their feline friends:)

"What, are you doing? 

"I said, No" 

"Mommy is working" 

"I'm on the - phone!" 

"What is this?" ( found poo on the floor ) 

"Get off the table, please" 

"I'm going as fast as I can" ( giving out treats ) 

"Hello I'm back, I brought the treats you asked for - now you don't want them?" 

"Leave the cat alone" 

"No, the cat is not a toy" 

( to a guest )  "Sorry about this, ( while the dogs hump on a leg or sniff a crotch ) there must be something they like - Oh, what I mean is he does it to everybody" 

"Could you please let me have the pillow tonight:)?" 

"Of course Mommy loves you, that's why your at the Vet:)"

"Bathing is natural that's why Mommy wants to give you one" 

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

If there is a phrase that I have left out please feel free to add it:)