Bye Bye Loves: Mrs. Parker & Fricke attend Four Paws Preparatory!

Four Paws Preparatory established 1763

Four Paws Preparatory established 1763

After the end of a long hot playful and work filled, summer, it was time to take Mrs. P and Fricke up to their new Boarding school. The night before  I prepared their favorite dishes -  three cheese lasagna for Parker and grilled salmon with sour cream mashed potatoes for Fricke. After dinner we took a long walk around the neighborhood so that the dogs could say good bye to their friends ( on two and four legs ) and exchange contact information. I had their nanny Mrs. Fiona Flem  ( the dogs call her Mrs. Fee ) lay out their PJ's and a small gift under each of their pillows. Parker Fricke and I stayed up watching movies and eating pop corn. I carried each to their bedroom, kissed them good night on their foreheads and wondered how I would get along without them ( I quietly sobbed as I tucked each in bed and turned on their night lights.)

 Although I would miss them terribly I made the decision for boarding school rather than send them to NYC's prestigious  "GOOD DOG"! Day School because the dogs and I felt Four Paws Preparatory for Dogs was the perfect match because of the caliber of its staff, and  the school motto: "A Good Dog Listens before Barking, Looks before Leaping, and Always Lands On All Fours".  During the long drive  beautiful drive up the Mohawk Trail to the Berkshires the dogs laughed sang and they read  to me what some alumni had to say about the education they received:

rex at school for its the weekend dog 083113.png

"Well what I learned was:  "Dogs Best Friend ( Woman ) Dogs second best friend ( Man )"

 - John Founder, 4/2 Dog to Human Match LLC ( Yorkshire Terrier ) Class of 1990

"I enjoyed attending FPP because my focus increased 100% ( and I fetch better too )"  

 - Doug Founder, Paws Down Retrieval Systems Inc. ( Golden Retriever )  Class of 1975

"Four Paws is coed but I learned how to be a lady and that's all there is to it - right:)" 

 - Jessica Founder Lady Bugs Salon for Dogs Class of 1987

Finally there the dogs and I drove throughout the heavy gates up the long drive to Four Paws. We pulled into the parking lot of Mrs. Parkers dorm. 


"Well My Little Poo this is it , Mommy's little girl is all grown up now" 

 "I am?" ( Parke said as we carried her bags to her room ) 

"Here we are room #501 and you have a view of the valley  too, oh look at that a - WELCOME MRS. PARKER! sign isn't that sweet" 

"Hey someone has the top bunk - I want that one" ( and she remade the bed with her linen ) 

Now Parker - well, I'm sure your new roommate won't mind - where do you want your chocolate covered dog bones dear?" ( I said putting the rest of her things away ) 

"Put them here Mummy - here Fricke you can have one!"

We sped toward the other end of campus found Frickes room and helped him unpack - Fricke's room mate a Great Dane named Jack  a third generation "Four Pawsy"  showed Parker Fricke and I around.  I hugged my babies good bye and waved  from the car. Jack  brought them to their first class  before lunch:

Education takes place 24x7 at Four Paws Prep!

Education takes place 24x7 at Four Paws Prep!

Aaahh...I sighed as  the top came down on the convertible and I the iron gates of the school closed behind my car, confident I made the right choice. "Bye bye Loves"... I said to the wind just then I received a text message -  ( which included an image of Parker and Fricke Arm and Arm ) "We love you Mom:)" 

I smiled headed for home and thought of  the items I would include in their first  care package from home!