"Old Stupid Dog" and "Dumb Cat" Make a Wish - Happy Birthday!

The lovely Tallulah Juliette days before thirteenth her birthday August 7, 2013 Happy Birthday Tahty!

The lovely Tallulah Juliette days before thirteenth her birthday August 7, 2013 Happy Birthday Tahty!

I was on the patio wiping off the table and chairs, and inspecting the blue, and white umbrella which had seen better days - taking inventory for Tallulah's upcoming thirteenth birthday celebration, I wanted everything to be perfect for this August cat and her dear old friend Seamus.  

Little Fricke was listening to his stereo with the headphones on in his room and playing air drums tapping on the window sill while he sang ( louder than he thought ) along with the song ..."sumer in the city back of my neck getting dirty and gritty".

Parker was downstairs in the dining room sorting through the party favors and making a list of what we had, when she found an old photo of Tallulah and a Great Pyrenees . 

"One, two, three, four... - check"

"One, two, three - oh, that one is pretty - check  I think I found everything in order oh the party is going to be swell lots of dogs and kitties what fun!"  


"Yes Mummy" 

"How's it going dear finding everything OK? Do we need to go to the store?" 

"Oh no Mummy we have enough candles, cups, napkins, utensils and party favors - its all here!"  


"Yes Dear?" 

"I found an old photo of Tallulah with a beautiful white a dog in the credenza who is it? 

Wait dear I'm almost finished out here, I 'll be right up, better yet  - Tallulah can tell you herself I think she is reading in the den, ask her!  

Parker ( who enjoys listening to Tallulah weave a good story ) quickly jumped down from her chair and went in search of the birthday girl, my twelve year old rescue cat who I found almost at her wits end smoking cigarettes, and talking fast with a very bad hair do at the East Bay SPCA nine months after I adopted the late Theodore Henry in 2003.  

"Hi Tahtty" 

"Hello Mrs. P" 

"Can I come in?" 

"Yes little one- come, come, I was just resting my eyes - I do love what Mother has done with this old den all the books and memories, what can I do for you?" 

"I was in the kitchen making sure we had everything ready for your big birthday bash when I came across this old photo -  who is the dog standing next to you and the fireman with sooty mustache?" 

( Parker sat at Talluhla's  knee and listened with both ears as this regal kitty explained how she and her unlikely  best friend,  "Seamus" found forever homes, friendship and celebrity. 

"When I was a kitty ( not that I look a day past 21 mind you ) - I lived on ranch with a dog - Seamus and we were stuck with an old mean man ( with a stick for a friend ) who had just buried his woman. The man sniggered -  a screaming,  yelling, mean old drunk who could not hold his liquor. Seamus and I were always cleaning up after this man it was horrible."


"Get in here your dumb cat,  where you hiding you, old stupid dog?"

"Oh he would scream and throw things at us - and tell us to.."hurry up and clean up this mess" 

 "Seamus got the worst of it - the mean old man would take poor Seamus hunting and leave Seamus out in the cold and the rain and in the heat without food or water. I would try to hide but he would grab me by the tail and toss me like I was a dirty dish into the sink, Seamus and I comforted each other but we were terrified."

"One day the old man fell a sleep and dropped his cigarette and started fire beneath his cot. Seamus barked and barked but the old man threw a plate at him and told him to:  "SHAD AP"

"Before the old man laid down, he threw me in the old ice chest, he accused me of tearing his threadbare shirt.  I  tried to get out but I was trapped and was without hope of surviving when suddenly the lid flew open, smoke poured in and Seamus pulled me out and we lept out the broken kitchen window to safety."   

"A neighbor who had been kind saw the smoke, and ran into the house calling for us but a timber fell on her and she was almost burnt up with the house, when Seamus rushed in to save her. He pulled an tugged and got her out just in the nick of time!" 


Well as you might expect the house burned down and the press captured this image of Seamus me and the old fireman with the soot still on his crooked mustache. "

"Wow Tallulah! what a great story, I can't wait to meet Seamus - what happened to him?" 

Seamus went on to found the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society of North America and a local chapter of Cats and Dogs - a  club if you will to promote positive relations between canine and feline:) 


Cats and dogs are some of the smartest animals on the planet. Cats and Dogs are on the ( human ) record for saving their guardians and for traveling long distances. Recently interest at some of the most well respected research facilities across the globe has confirmed what most animal lovers have always known: Cats and Dogs have memories, please don't think they don't understand, remember and recognize our behavior - they do. Cats and Dogs have a lot to teach US - learn more about the intellect of Cats and Dogs. 

Say Happy Birthday  to Tallulah Juliette August 7, 2013 she will be 13 years young:)  I am happy to have her in my life ( she keeps in touch with Seamus by listening to the Twilight Bark:)