These are just some of  the myriad resources to help expand your understanding and appreciation of animals, and the issues that affect their ability to live safely among us. A thorough understanding of what animals need to survive is  crucial to sustain ecosystems and to their living their lives in  their natural habitats and as domestics, i.e. Cats, Dogs.

Our goal, is that through interaction with animals (primarily through live,  positive interactions - in their natural settings) people can teach  each other how to live with, love, and respect animals as living beings rather than as in animate objects, accessories or property.


Animal AidDr. Frank AscioneNinety-Five the BlogFutures without ViolencePet Abuse.com - an excellent source of data mapping animal abuse and neglect casesPaw Pac: Dynamic resource for updates on Animal Legislation in CA pending bills who voted yes and who voted no for animalsIllegal Dog Fighting Rings Thrive in US CitiesHogarth a History of AnimalsAnimal PlanetAnimal CopsEco LiteracyCanadian Federation of Humane SocietiesAAVS.orgUS House of RepresentativesAmy A. Breyer JDBruce A Wagman JDAnimal ActorsAnimal legal and Historical Center Michigan State University


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