Maybe Granny Was Right: Eat Your Fish?

jennifer pallian salmon Up cL.jpg

Research has proven eating popular fish such as Salmon, are beneficial to human health. So why any argument to the contrary? Aside from stores of fish populations being depleted due to over fishing as of this date no  one individual nor entity can control - and no  international body has agreed to a pollution standard for the bodies of water we all share: oceans, rivers, lakes nor streams - tributaries. That said if you are willing to bet the water the fish was born / stored in contained no harmful agents and - the facility where the fish was processed / packaged and stored meets your standards - and if you are certain the restaurant you frequent's kitchen is up to par then there you go. Fishy conditions aside the health benefits of eating fish have been proven cross cultures, gender and age. Will consuming fish give you the fuel to get though the NYT crossword in two? Let us know:). The details, h/t UPENN