My Darling Theo Foundation is the culmination of my business acumen, creative risk taking and my experience living with and caring for dogs and cats. I am interested in creating pet safe communities:  pet safe = pet friendly = neighborhoods that thrive. I work to provide a atmosphere which allows a multicultural, multi-interest voice to engage and participate in the animal welfare / environmental wellness discussion without anyone or any organized body being judged for their point of view. 

dog Up cW laying down

Through our humane publications I wish to help educate the general public about the need for local, regional and national coordinated response for KISSES: Kids In Safe Shelters In Every State. I believe a child's pet is not a luxury. Pets are instrumental in alleviating the prolonged stress of domestic violence victims, and families living in transitional /emergency housing, pets are victims too!

Through a collaborative effort of volunteers, community and corporate partners and private foundation support My Darling Theo, is a community which can grow, to a point where we can sustain our programs and continue to share ideas that will result in attitude and behavioral change toward animals and children that is defined by love, compassion and respect rather than by consumerism, vanity, and disregard. We share the earth with all animals, abuse and neglect can not be tolerated if we, expect to thrive!



Alyssia Alexandria, Executive Director / Social Media Community Manager With Oakland Animal Shelter Rescue, Mrs. Penelope Parker