Why should I volunteer for your organization?

A village is by definition is supported by many. Your voice, time and talent can contribute to building and sustaining pet safe communities and pet friendly approaches to policy making join us.


Sometimes I can be time starved - How much of my time will be needed?

However much of your time and talent that you can give.

Our expectation is that a volunteer sign up for a position that he or she is passionate about.

Some opportunities are governed by a specific time commitment, others are less restrictive.


What types of volunteer positions are available?

Grant Writer

Marketing Director

Volunteer Motivator

Social Media - Communications Guru

Fundraising Manager

Community Outreach Advisor

Corporate Good Works Support Liaison

Technology Use Magician


Are there opportunities for the NexGen?

Yes we welcome the NexGen - the future belongs to you!

Communities are increasingly multicultural is there room for a diverse perspective?

We value and want to hear from all community members - no organization grows in isolation.


Are opportunities available across the US?

Yes!  Our objective is for My Darling Theo Foundation programs to have local impact here at home in the US and global reach as we take our message abroad to communities which support our vision.


Can I volunteer from home? Are there virtual volunteer opportunities?

Yes! we have virtual volunteer opportunities.

Interested? Please complete the form below. 


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