Federal Taxes 2011IRS 990-N filed and accepted

My Darling Theo's support extended beyond what we received in during 2011 - three times as much. We hope that with our new programs and increased visibility, our direct donor support and membership base increase. We do very much appreciate what monetary support that we were given and leveraged those contributions in order to assist other non-profits with their mission - enabling those organizations we supported to reduce their expenditures and help more animals ( and their guardians ). We are currently working on sustainable, green and interactive programs to increase community participation and donor support on the corporate, private foundation and individual level(s).


Walk for Whiskers

Animal Imagery Magazine, launched winter-spring 2012

Our name recognition for help with bettering the welfare of others increased via social media / word of mouth

12,282 emails sent

Pet Foster Support Network, founded and complementary website, petfosterparents.org launched

182 Dogs and Cats Fed

Five neighbors assisted ( face value coupons, dog food, pet supplies )

Volunteer involvement increased three fold


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No one organization or individual grows alone. 

We can not complete our mission without you, thank you for supporting My Darling Theo.