Animals are imagined and referenced in all aspects of literature in religious texts, fairy tales, and poems for example. Add these works to your library and gift to a humane education program.



The moving image is powerful tool which simultaneously invites questions and explore answers which help us understand our relationship to the non human beings we share the the planet with. Real, imagined, animated or live action the pieces we've shared here ask you to take another look at how your choices impact our environment and how animals respond and are impacted as a result. Join us as we celebrate the contribution nature has made to the moving image.

When The day breaks, tilby/forbis

When The day breaks, tilby/forbis



Natures influence on the design world can be readily seen in, tools, textiles, art and architecture. Designing a home, office or retreat with a animal, terra, marine or ocean theme can make any space even more inviting. Shop these products we love to support our charity. 



How do you translate the sound of a bird, the roar of a tiger, the howl of a wolf to music? Animals are referenced in classical compositions, as rhetorical subjects in the titles of contemporary music close your eyes, listen - imagine.