Are you a non-profit group interested in establishing, or maintaining a Dog Park in your community?

Support the Dog Park Fund, a publicly supported fund the proceeds of which will benefit non-profit Dog Parks across the USA.

What are the benefits for a non-profit Dog Park in my community?

There are several benefits to establishing and maintaining non-profit Dog Parks here are a few: 

Meet Like Minded Neighbors!

Let Dogs, Meet Dogs - In a Made for Dog Space!

Network ( the dogs are )!

Turn Gray Spaces to Green!

Create Pet Safe, Sought After, Communities!

How the does the Dog Park Fund work?

Grants will be awarded to US based, organized non-profit Dog Park Groups. The fund will be generously supported by monetary donations from the general public. Quarterly My Darling Theo Foundation will have a call for grant submissions and America will vote over the internet, for the winners. The grant will be awarded and distributed to the winning organized non-profit Dog Park Community Group!

Why should I support a general fund? I want to support a Dog Park in my area?

Although the Dog Park Fund is a new national program, the goal of which is to support pet friendly neighborhoods, the grants will be distributed locally, across America, to communities just like yours!  The American Public, will vote on the proposals submitted by groups across the country, your neighborhood park could be awarded a grant to establish or maintain an existing Dog Park where you live, and be featured in Animal Imagery Magazine!

What non monetary support can I contribute to the program?

Submit your Dog Walk and Dog Park Stories to Animal Imagery Magazine and volunteer to be a My Darling Theo Ambassador for the Dog Park Fund. If you are a BUSINESS and would like to support our effort with non monetary donations and sponsorship, contact us!


Dogs Just Want To Have Fun, Meet and Run! 

dog on beach spratt


Next Steps?

The Dog Park Fund is a developing program. Support the Fund. When the fund has a minimum reserve we will have a call for proposals, review the submissions, and the grant winners will be announced bi-annually. Grants will be distributed to organized non-profit, US based Dog Park Groups just like yours.

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Corporate support of the Dog Park Fund is welcome, there are a myriad of benefits to becoming a sponsor please complete the form below.

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