My Darling Theo earned $1,023.00 in cash donations - thank you very much for your generous support. It has been almost six years since our founder committed to My Darling Theo Foundation. During that time the Board of Directors, Volunteers  ( at the individual and corporate level ) have demonstrated their support of our mission. 2015 was a lean year for us the lights almost literally went out. We did not let that deter us. We are stronger for near black out and have pledged to keep the train running at full speed however it is with financial support from good people like you that we will thrive it takes money to run a non profit organization. If you have enjoyed the information shared over the past six years and have not made a contribution now is the time to show your support.

1. Our home website and PetFosterParents  under went extreme makeovers which resulted in higher traffic, and a easy simple navigation making the information we carefully curate for visitors, more accessible. My Darling Theo programs bring people around common objectives ( the welfare of animals the health of the environment and the future of children ) to think bigger.

2. In addition to addressing the pet friendly and pet safety aspects of neighborhoods we re-focused our new developing program "PetHoods" to consider the impact and influence conservation and preservation have on green communities ( Note: "PetHoods" will have its own complementary website, which will be live as soon as resources permit ).

3. We communicated:  Other non profit organizations sought our advise on how to start programs similar to one or more of our programs, the most frequently asked question was: "How to establish and maintain and fund a Dog Park" which our founder addressed with intelligence, patience and enthusiasm. Dog lover? We invite you to become a founding member of the Dog Park Fund.   

4. We continued our education: We had no fundraising expenditures, however our fundraising efforts will be stepped up during Q3 and Q4, 2016 via affiliate partners, the return of our humane publication Animal Imagery the new release of Animal Welfare Literacy - ( a guide for animal conscious humans ) and Commuter Shorts ( a collection of short stories for commuters who understand the value to the environment of taking public transportation to and from work ).

5. Access to information: We had hoped to inaugurate founding members of Pet Foster Support Network. Our complementary program website contains a plethora of information. 


Although we did not come near our goal of 5,000.00 members we are encouraged for the financial assistance we did receive.



Trustworthiness. My Darling Theo is clear about our focus and aspiration. We are beholden to no parent organization. We ask for donor support in order to keep the lights on and to enable our programs to have a positive impact.



We Communicate Who We Are And What We Do. Our founder is responsible for our message: Create pet safe and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods in communities across America. Our Founder is accessible to individuals, organizations.  We are all volunteer.



Donors can make a long term commitment to our programs. Our programs have the potential to positively impact animals children and the environment money is not everything but it is the life blood of a non profit organization working for the greater good.



Defined Short Term Goals: Publish quarterly magazine bring new programs to fruition. And Long Term Goals? Establish a best practices standard for Pet Foster, Dog Parks and the creation of a animated series and book series which positively impact the way people live with animals. 



My Darling Theo exists to complement other non profit organizations, for profit businesses, government entities and individuals interested in finding ways to right wrongs and prevent a future which is anything less than bright for non-human beings.



With little resources we continue to move forward: stronger, focused, resolved - toward our goals.



Our unique programs can impact neighborhoods ( Dog Park Fund ). Influence how children live with their pets ( Theo's Kids ) Foster disparate ( yet well intended ) communities ( Pet Foster Parents Support Network ) and create a community of for profit and non profit creatives who are naturally inspired ( Animal Imagery Magazine. With your financial support we can get there.  In 2015 My Darling Theo planted seeds, watch us grow.



Each year we try to support different organizations also working for the greater good. Our founder supported the following non-profit organizations in our behalf with a 25.00 gift. These organizations educate, and inspire us:


Rise and Root Farm

The Rescue Train



The Huntington Library

Empower African Children