About The Fund

The DOG PARK FUND is a resource open to establish and maintain not for profit neighborhood dog parks in communities across America. The DPF is supported by donations from the general public. Our unique program benefiting dogs, people, business and property owners, was created to help green public spaces in urban areas, offer resources for rural communities and challenge dog lovers to work together to find dedicated spaces to the question: Where can I safely walk my dog?


Dog Park Fund: How It Works

We want to collaborate with  community organizations, organized non profit groups and individuals interested in establishing and maintaining Dog Parks and with local governments to create and sustain pet safe and pet friendly spaces. When the Dog Park Fund has a reserve My Darling Theo will have a quarterly call for grants. Stay up to date dog park lovers - join the conversation and support the Dog Park Fund.

Donors Who Pledge $500.00 OR More

People Support What They Love. Pledge 500.00 USD and be recognized in our Leadership Circle as a founding member - Thank You!

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