Do not pine for those who suffer.
Do not lose face, get angry, and try to exact punishment on those who have killed.
Do use caution, and focus your attention, plan, and action(s) on those who stand by and watch it happen.
— Translated from Hebrew

Books That Would Make Great Films

"Fearsome Creatures" and "The Art of Racing In the Rain"  

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Browse the collection or search for a specific title. Our film library contains the movies you need, to learn about the beauty and significance of animals, nature and the environment. The Animal Imagery portrayed in these celluloid treasures creates a visual narrative which will make you laugh, others might make you cry. Other features may  make you angry, enough to take action in behalf of animals which we call: The Neighborhood Pet" ( homeless animals well intended people occasionally assist but believe someone else will "take care of" ). Our carefully curated features offer something for every taste. Your support sustain our programs - enjoy your show:).