Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.
— Kenyan Prover


PET SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE ARE POSSIBLE Crumbling infrastructure, distrust among people and exponential job shift has made some neighborhoods unsafe and many neighbors cloistered and determined not to extend a olive branch nor their hand. Many children have grown accustomed to violence and or the cycle of poverty and express their frustration, isolation - and the reality of their situation, on animals and nature. Concern about what changes are on the horizon with the new administration, further create tension between individuals, organizations and merchants.

1. We can help you establish and maintain not for profit neighborhood dog parks to encourage community. 2. We provide a support net for pet foster parents to end the homeless animal population. 3. Our humane education materials can influence artists and brands to create, offer and distribute naturally inspired products and services which encourage a positive attitude toward animals children and nature. 4. We offer resources for educators to teach animal welfare literacy K-12.


ANIMALS, CHILDREN AND THE ENVIRONMENT NEED OUR HELP Why be concerned about the viability of neighborhoods? Children?, Homeless animals?  The natural influence on art and art inspired works? Because not to do so would be a resounding NO! to the future and a indifferent shrug to the status quo. No one person nor organization can solve every problem.

We Are Different. Allowing many voices to be heard, is a remedy to fix problems and offer solutions. We believe all animals were meant to be here, all plants serve a purpose and our differences are what make us strong. My Darling Theo is poised to bring the muffle of disparate yet well meaning voices together because the only agenda we have is to create pet safe and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods in communities across America. 


INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS AND BUSINESSES BENEFIT FROM THE WORK WE DO How are we able to impact the lives of children / the safety of neighborhoods / the level of engagement of like minded community based organizations / the participation of the business and creative community / will depend on the support we receive from good people like you. There are many ways to support us Donate / Sponsor / Legacy / Shop / Spread our Message and Volunteer.

Who does the work? Our eye catching, memorable, unique logos were gifts from volunteers. The Founder Alyssa Alexandria has developed, designed, maintains, three websites which support our organization. They are: MyDarlingTheo, PetFosterNetwork, UrbanVeggieGirl Alyssia, has developed all of our programs, markets our message across social media, creates the fundraises for My Darling Theo. 


WE ARE LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA However the problems we work to solve affect communities across the country. My Darling Theo is a recognized public charity located in Los Angeles, California. We do not have the resources to maintain a office space where we could meet with donors, partners and volunteers. With your help we will have the resources to procure a dedicated office space where we can meet with you. The goal of our mission is to have a local impact with a national reach.  


GIVE TODAY SO WE CAN MOVE FORWARD When we receive funding which support our programs, and maintain our virtual and physical presence we can move forward. SOLUTION: HELP US HELP YOU. Non-profit entities are a cause related business, which require funding to operate. My Darling Theo is no exception. 

For example your: participation ( dog walk stories ), investment ( support ), willingness to talk to each other ( forum ), desire to see the world differently ( animal Imagery ) and your foresight which will help us bring animal welfare literacy to curriculum{s} K-12. will sustain us for the future. We appreciate your taking time, to get to know us better. With your help we can get there from here - please donate today, thank you so much!:).