Call For Submissions:

Do you own a Dog? A four legged  friend who accompanies you on daily walks around the neighborhood or to the Dog Park? Don't own a dog yourself but know someone who with whom you can share this unique story telling opportunity? Is there a funny, inspiring educational, reflective Dog Walk or Dog Park story you can share with us? Have you come across a lost dog,  ( finally ) met your new neighbor, the love of your life - or your business partner while on a stroll with your dog or at a Dog Park? Is there a special place you like to walk with your dog? We would like to include your story as a the feature in a upcoming edition of our magazine - Animal Imagery in the section: "Dog Walk and Dog Park Stories: America" 

How Will My Story Impact Your Mission? 

Your unique story, to be published in our unique nationally focused magazine, will raise awareness and encourage support for The Dog Park Fund a publicly supported, transparent, funding source for eligible ( US based, organized ) non-profit groups to receive grants to establish, and maintain neighborhood dog parks. 


What Do I Include With My Submission? 

Please send us your short story along with a high res image of your Dog (  high resolution is 300+ dpi ) for example images shot with and saved in a large version format from your smart phone are "high res". Include your dogs first name, your  ( FIRST ) name only, your location ( CITY AND STATE ONLY ) place of rescue, purchase or adoption. 

Share Your Story With Us!

Stories submitted should be about an experience, a reflection, lesson learned, a poem, etc. The focus should be about walking your dog - your story matters. All submissions will be proof read before being published.

Please share this call for submissions with friends, family and colleagues around the US and submit your Dog Park and Dog Walk Stories today. Stories will be included in Animal Imagery magazine as they are received. Questions? Complete and send the form below. FOR SUBMISSIONS email dogwalkstories@mydarlingtheo.org

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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