It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being, and we therefore yield to our neighbors, even to our animal neighbors, the same right as ourselves to inhabit this vast land.
— Sitting Bull


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My Darling Theo  received little  financial support in 2012. Due to external environment factors? Or, poor marketing on our part we are unsure - we continued our work of influencing behavioral change in the evolving relationship between humans, animals and the environment by publishing Animal imagery Magazine, developing the Neighborhood Pet Registry, working with micro-volunteer organizations and building relationships in the corporate community across the US and the UK who feel as we do that animals and children matter. We received just under $5,020.00 in financial support. Disappointed but not deterred we took a closer look at our mission, programs, short and long term objectives, put our marketing and corporate partnership plans on hold and paused for a moment to consider our position. You confirmed what we believe: our vision is unique, our future looks bright and our perspective is relevant to the fight against animal abuse, environmental disinterest and child neglect. Despite our lack of resources, our commitment to ensure that children and animals have a voice that is heard and have rights which are protected continue. We are a new organization and all volunteer. Our approach to finding solutions incorporates history, research, technology and cultural traditions which provide new opportunities for the way people interact with animals the environment  via  Humane Education publications for adults and the NexGen - our most precious resource.

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Where The Money Came From, And Where It Went

The financial support we received in 2012 came from the following sources:

Direct Sellers - selling items in behalf of My Darling Theo on Ebay - $4,900.00

Our Pet Thrift - supporters purchasing items from Theo's Toy Chest $100.00

One cash donation in the amount of $20.00

The money we received went to the following expenses:

Offset the expenses for the 2011 Walk for Whiskers

Administrative expenses

Program expenses to develop  and publish our Humane Education Materials

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My Darling Theo Supported These NPO's In 2012


Stray Dog Rescue

Tiger Haven

Southern Poverty Law Center

Oakland Museum of CA

ASPCA ( two guardian accounts )

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Show Us You Believe In Our Vision, Donate Now!

We support the effort of established organizations and share our social network spaces via our Facebook Pages, Pinterest and Twitter by promoting the events and causes of other NPO's doing great work. We will continue to develop our unique programs because we are confident our programs make possible:

1. Establishing safe, green spaces for pet lovers to live ( and work )  via the Dog Park Fund.

2.  Unifying Pet Foster Parents and the organizations they volunteer for via our Pet Foster Network.

3. Publishing Humane Education Materials that not only educate but entertain - tools for all ages.

4. Continuing with the development of theNeighborhood Pet Registryto reduce pet loss.

5.Fostering community partnerships which last and unify groups which sadly believe theirs is the only message to be heard.

Help us achieve our goals in 2013, the year of change, support our work - we can't do it without you!


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