Victory For Elephants, Just The Start

People love a good show even at the expense of animals. So is the history of "The Greatest Show On Earth." Well intended, intelligent people turned a blind eye to the obvious - animals in circuses are coerced into "performing" like puppets amid bright lights screaming crowds and masters they could never run from, no doubt for the Elephants and the other animals it was hell. No doubt the closing of Ringling Bros. is a positive sign in the right direction. A shift in perception about what is good and bad for animals, evolving entertainment tastes, law suits, protests and social media pressure were jabs at the revenue of the long standing company. Please don't let the fight end here. For example unregulated road side circuses, unlawful private menageries and farms which hire men and women with the only one criteria - a heart beat, still increase the fear factor and shorten the life expectancy of Elephants, exotic animals and farm animals. Put your money were your mouth is. Ask the businesses you support not to turn away from the obvious abuse and and neglect of animals just to turn a profit. The Elephants who are still alive and which have given their lives to Ringling will find safe havens to live out their lives as they naturally should but there are many more ( such as Tony the Truck Stop Tiger ) who are less fortunate. It is okay to be thought of as a Elephant - they never forget. The Details, h/t The Los Angeles Times ( 01.16.17 )