If It's Cold In July In DC Will You Believe Climate Change is Real?

Drought has plagued SoCAL for 5 years. When rain does come it is  either a trickle or a down pour which causes mudslides, home loss and road closure. Lucky for us, the loss of life specifically due of climate change man made or natural has been kept to a minimum. In other more arid parts of the globe where there used to be water is now a desert dust bowl. Animals, insects and plant life scurry to find home if they can beat the chain saw cutting through the earth's Rain Forests. However if you've noticed that it is warmer when it should be cool or cold when it should be hot? Mother Nature is dropping hints, well like Dylan said..." the times they are a changing..".

Not sure if the new administration will take climate change and toss it out with the previous administration's drapes, but I am certain that if President Trump does not take climate change seriously there might not be enough clean water or fresh air to keep the lawn he golf's on green. The Details, h/t Harvard Gazette ( 11.15.16 article ).