Christian Lacdael

pink yellow dahila


"Flowers so colourful and bright, in their glory in the sun's light, at home amid the summer's heat giving out a perfume so sweet. The summer flowers seem perfect, in near enough aspect, so effortlessly they distract, as one's attention they attract. Countless different kinds carve their mark, throughout every meadow and park. There for us to enjoy and pick, while we waste our days and frolic. As gifts ore poetic than speech, when lovers and their loves meet. One of nature's finer artworks, saving scenes from seeming bleak." - Christian Lacdael


Some flowers produce diaspores without fertilization (parthenocarpy). Flowers contain sporangia and are the site where gametophytesdevelop. Many flowers have evolved to be attractive to animals, so as to cause them to be vectors for the transfer of pollen. After fertilization, the ovary of the flower develops into fruit containing seeds.