Cow's Milk: What's In It For You?

Cows in a pasture for Cowspiracy
People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think that animals are worthwhile.
— David Attenborough

Have you heard the term: "You big fat, cow" ( which refers to a overweight person ) or "What a cow" ( which refers to  a woman acting less than graciously ). These and other derogatory terms have been used to hurt and describe what is suppose to be natural Bovine traits? Humans have been drinking  cow ( sheep and goats ) milk for centuries. These are staples of diets which span cultures and ethnicities. Whether frozen ( Ice cream ) clotted ( cream ) cultured ( yogurt ) or fermented ( cheese ) evidence suggests and research has proven that the long term consumption of another animals milk is not safe for human consumption.

Please consider:

1. Animal agriculture is the leading driver of deforestation yet little is mentioned on the mission statements of well established environmental groups ( is the possible crippling their fundraising efforts from meat eaters a factor? ).

2. In the poorest countries food that could go toward feeding humans is fed to the mass breeding of farm animals which the same poor people don't have access too!.

3. Grass Fed Beef ( truly a marketing ploy with smiling kids and all ) is not environmentally sustainable how many virgin pastures remain in the US to feed the insatiable hunger for meat?

4. It takes three times as much water to feed a farm animal in factory farms than it does for human to remain hydrated.


A cow aka Bovine produces milk to feed her small young calf ( so he or she may grow to be a big Bovine ). If you add up the salt sugar, hormones, protein and other nutrients / ingredients meant for the little fellow they all add up to produce a animal who could grow up to~ 220lbs. Unless you play for the NFL or has aspirations to be a Sumo wrestler 210 is not ( most humans ) a ideal weight:).

Why would humans believe this is 100% safe for their children?

FACT: Cows are Herbivores Humans? Omnivores

Why would you think disease / delayed healing from trauma and or genetic ( and generational ) anomalies would not result from the prolonged drinking of another animals milk ( which was not designed for a growing child's consumption )?

"But, humans have been drinking cows milk for centuries"

FACT: disease / illness and genetic anomalies have coincided with our consumption of animal milk ( and milk products ).

"My family has been dairy farmers forever we never got sick from drinking milk".

Environmental and other triggers affect the body differently b for example one man smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and lives to be 90 another smokes one and gets lung cancer - why take the chance?

"Hey I'm a "cheese head" and proud of it my wife makes a killer casserole with cheese my kids love it".

Baked orange triangles with mulitsyllablic chemical names are a big hit too but that does not mean consuming them on a long term bases will not be without negative health consequences.


FACT: A noted Wisconsin dairy farm raised MD explicitly states in the film that he has seen women for:

cervical and breast cancer mysterious lumps, skin tags and other abnormalities and men for gynecomastia "man boobs", which he believes is caused in part by the consumption of Bovine milk.

You decide. Milk and the animal that produced it, not be "what's for dinner". Check out In the film "Cowspiracy" from executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio, you'll be glad you did.