Our Food Chain's Cracked: Tuberculosis

Drug-resistant TB is itself a growing problem, and may be a result of substandard diagnostic tests and treatments for people, as well as the overuse of antibiotics in livestock husbandry. Rising rates of drug-resistant TB strains portend serious future challenges in TB treatment and control.
— Lauren Carruth ( Lancet )

Scientists have determined the bacteria which cause Tuberculosis is directly related to the vulnerability  of animals who supply our food chain. This has resulted in a ever widening crack which threaten our various threads of food source and consumption. The tracking of HIV/ AIDS and the difficulty tracking the zoonotic path of the bacterium make the poorest communities at risk. Because the global food chain is so obscured it is in our shared interest to Fund TB related research, identify which human and animal populations are at risk and disseminate the information to help the ill and contain future generations, the details. h/t Scientific American