Americans Love of Horses Pre-empts Carnivores Lust

Imagine Gumby without Pokey? How can we think of life ( real and imagined ) without the horse? The term "riding off into the sunset" would never have taken off if we'd eaten our own transportation:). Imagine John Wayne, The Lone Ranger or Zorro without a Horse? Could you really stand to eat, "Mr. Ed"?  Would Hollywood have been as profitable without writing Horses into scripts? If we ate our Horses would WWI and WWII have been ( significantly) different? Human and Horse history ( real and imagined ) is so intertwined the thought of having our equine friends served as the main course  or side dish is incomprehensible to this writer. Throughout evolution Horses have run for their freedom with man. Horses have led us into battle, driven our exploration into the unknown, been our companions on the lonely prairie and have made some rich via the racetrack and brutal rodeo circuits. While other cultures sadly ( still ) eat Horse meat as if eating this iconic animals flesh were to give them super powers, make them, "more American" or give them sex appeal - the majority of Americans believe our beloved Horse is not "whats for dinner". Life for Horses ( as with other big fantastic creatures ) faces the challenge of urban sprawl and changing priorities most thinking people would agree our equine friends should not be on the menu.  More from Eater