Who Is That Handsome Moose? Ferdinand

Image, GrindTV

Image, GrindTV

Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.
— Henry David Thoreau

When a white Moose named "Ferdinand" raised a rumpus, the fight to save him went viral. This magical looking and seldom seen white Moose is not albino his white coat is cause by a genetic mutation, Ferdinand caused quite a stir has garnered a fan base and won the heart of photographer Hans Nilsson, listen to Marco Werman tell the story via PRI.   All of our Moose brethren are meant to be here, learn about them and their habitat from Wiki. See more Ferdinand, here.


The Most of It — by Robert Frost

He thought he kept the universe alone;
For all the voice in answer he could wake
Was but the mocking echo of his own
From some tree–hidden cliff across the lake.
Some morning from the boulder–broken beach
He would cry out on life, that what it wants
Is not its own love back in copy speech,
But counter–love, original response.
And nothing ever came of what he cried
Unless it was the embodiment that crashed
In the cliff's talus on the other side,
And then in the far distant water splashed,
But after a time allowed for it to swim,
Instead of proving human when it neared
And someone else additional to him,
As a great buck it powerfully appeared,
Pushing the crumpled water up ahead,
And landed pouring like a waterfall,
And stumbled through the rocks with horny tread,
And forced the underbrush—and that was all.