Are you caught in a bad habit loop? Awash in time lethargy because of bad habits your dog or cat can't seem to shake?  Upon discovering a bad habit do the words: "No!" "Mommy said, No!" spew from your mouth automatically?


Some of the felines in my life enjoy fresh cut flowers as much as I do. So much so that  I have to monitor a vase full of blooms with a keen eye or the vase and its contents will crash to the floor and leaves  a supplement to the feline perpetrator(s) diet.

Plucking is a concern also I had just about given up here but then watched the video, found solutions and the tearing up of anything worth digging their nails into has been significantly reduced.


Fricke - Mrs. Parkers male companion is ( very ) set in his ways. Fricke used to decide when he wanted to relax on the patio, when he wanted to come in and where he wanted to slumber. If I told him other wise he used to give me the sniggers ( growling, and gritting his teeth while licking my hands). To date he has not broken my skin and the veterinarian has ( strongly) suggested obedience classes for him ( as a mini Schnauzer he feels that he is "in charge here" and is entitled to "do my own thing".

Until Fricke receives a formal education in etiquette, he is mastering with me - Learning The Cues a straightforward lesson plan from Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg. The simple observations and lessons learned from this video have helped me break bad habits which may have encouraged little Fricky to have the bravado for saying NO to me instead of reasoning with me and seeing my point of view:) Bad habits are hard to break, because they become our new normal. Whether you are canine, human or feline this video is smart easy way to get you back to the good side of a bad behavior:)

"HOW TO BREAK THE COOKIE HABIT is an excellent organizational change tool to help improve employee and volunteer engagement and productivity.

1. Watch the Video ( a couple of times )

2. Take Notes

3. Consider those habits you wish to break

4. Go forward with courage!

5. Repeat this exercise with your canine or feline friend in mind:)